10 top tips for success in the Pokemon GO battle league

Kyogre and Groudon

The battle league in Pokemon GO can be incredibly rewarding but at the same time incredibly frustrating.

In order to succeed in the battle league you’ll need a good team and good strategies to get an advantage over your opponent

Unfortunately game lag exists but that aside there are many tips and strategies you can use to get the win.

In this article I will give 10 top tips to you the advantage in the Battle League and hopefully bring you wins!

Pokemon Mega battle

Learn the Meta

The Pokemon GO battle league has an ever changing Meta with each season update, learning the Pokemon that are effective in the current Meta will give you a big advantage when choosing your team to begin with. There are fantastic resources/websites out there that have great detail on the Battle league and all its Metas, probably the best known being PvPoke. Checking out these sites can help you learn the meta quickly

Learn the Typings

Like learning the current Metas, learning typings of Pokemon is vital. Knowing which Pokemon are strong and weak vs which typings will help you immensely when both making a team and when actually battling.

Choosing your Team

After learning the Meta and the typings, choosing your team becomes easier. The key to choosing your team is to try and make yourself as strong as possible against as many Pokemon types whilst minimising the number of typings your weak against.

Take note of IV’s

Every Pokemon in Pokemon GO have a set of IVs (health, defence, attack) each ranging from 0-15.

 A 15-15-15 IV Pokemon would be considered perfect IV aka a “hundo” For each different battle league format there is optimum IVs you want to aim for on your Pokemon to give it a slight battle advantage. Again there is a range of excellent websites and resources that will help you highlight the optimum IVs for individual Pokemon In different battle league formats

Optimised Movesets

Every Pokemon has a pool of moves both fast and charged moves. The fast moves generate the energy to use charge moves (whilst also doing damage) whilst the charge moves hit much harder and can be shieled. Websites like Gamepress have excellent breakdowns of the optimal moves for each Pokemon. Learning these and equipping them are essential to success in the battle league

Two Charged moves

Building on optimal movesets, having two charge moves is definitely a requirement if you want to compete successfully in the battle league. Unlocking a second charge move requires candy and star (ranging from 25 candy/10k stardust up to 100 candy/100k stardust). Having two charge moves can help to increase your coverage against different typings and provide you with more counter options to your own Pokemon’s weaknesses.

Counting fast moves

Within the actual battles, every charge move requires a certain number of fast moves to be used. Learning how many fast moves are needed to perform a charge move will give you a HUGE advantage, as you will then be able to count the number of fast moves an opponent uses. This will tell you whether or not they have generated enough energy to use a particular charge move

Utilise your shields

Building on the fast move counting, using your shields correctly is essential. Every battle you and your opponent both start with 2 shields Counting fast moves tells you whether or not a charge move can be used. If your opponent tries using a charge move before the required number of fast moves (for a given move) has been played then chances are it’s a “bait” and you wont need to waste a shield.

Equally some Pokemon are more “tanky” than others and can eat move charge hits without taking too much damage. Therefore utilising your shields effectively and only using them when needed will give you the edge over your opponent, especially if you can get your opponent to burn theirs quickly.

Time your charge attacks

Using your charged attacks efficiently is essential to gaining a shield advantage. Using low energy spammy charge moves is a good way to try and get your opponent to burn through their shields, leaving them exposed for more powerful finishing hits later. Picking the right time to use a charge attack is essential to being successful in the battle league.

Equally if your opponent is low of health, then sometimes farming them down with fast moves can be effective to not waste your charge hits and equally to generate more energy to hit incoming Pokemon with multiple charge attacks at once.

Switching to your advantage

The final tip in this article is using your switch effectively. When battle starts both players have the option to switch the Pokemon in battle and replace it with one in the back, picking and choosing the right time to switch is critical, and ideally you want to try and gain a switch advantage over your opponent by making them switch first. There is a timer before you can switch for a second time

Switching to gain a type advantage, or switching to a Pokemon with several charge attacks stored up can give you an advantage in battle, equally counting fast moves and switching just before an opponent launches a charge move can be effective if you can geta Pokemon in the back to eat a charged hit that doesn’t hurt it very much.  

Battle league

Final thoughts

There are 10 top tips that will help you get wins in the battle league. There is plenty more tips and strategies that can be used, but above all its just taking the information and practicing it to get results.

Strategies like fast move counting is a high level skill and one that will get better the more your practice it.

If you have an more battle league tips please leave them in the comments below

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