All Call of Duty Vanguard Career Challenges

Cod vanguard multiplayer

Call of Duty Vanguard came released with a large amount of in-game multiplayer challenges to be completed that rewards large amounts of XP and calling cards.

There is 10 different groups of challenges to be completed which will be broken down and explained in this article.

These challenges are seperate from gun camo challenges and any seasonal challenges that get released with the addition of each new season.

For a breakdown of the Vanguard Zombies career challenges click here

Here is a complete breakdown of all the career challenge that came with the release of Call of Duty Vanguard.

Boot Camp

Challenge Challenge nameTiers
Get 3 kills without dying 20 timesStacking Bodies3
Get 50 kills after recently swapping to
your primary or secondary gun
Fateful Mistake3
Win 50 matchesNo Cream3
Get 20 5mounted killsPrecious Cargo3
Get 100 HeadshotsKiller Foliage3
Get 50 Crouched killsPrime Position3
Complete all Boot camp challengesIn Step6

Counter Measures

ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Destroy an enemy Field upgrade 20 timesMaster Plans3
Destroy an enemy lethal killstreak 25 timesPeep Hole3
Kill an enemy while they have a spy plane active 30 timesAir Angel3
Kill an enemy while at low health 30 timesGlass Jaw3
Destroy an enemy mine or C4 15 timesGood Boy3
Destroy an enemy killstreak 30 timesDeath Spiral3
Complete all Counter measures challengesWatery Brave6

Grizzled Veteran

ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Get 1000 elimination in hardcore modeHardcore Havoc5
Get 1000 eliminations in objective modesOn a Mission5
Get 1000 headshotsHelmet Driller5
Get 400 killstreak killsThe Goods5
Get 100 secondary weapon killsSidearm Slayer5
Get 10000 eliminationsWar-Torn5
Complete all Grizzled Veteran challengesGood Vibrations6

Field Specialist

ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Get 75 stunned enemy eliminationsSafety Protocol3
Get 75 kills on an enemy when they
have a radar active
Flight Patrol3
Get 100 lethal killsRumble the Earth3
Kill an enemy who was recently affected
by a smoke grenade 75 times
Grace Under Fire3
Activate your field upgrade 100 timesOn the Homefront3
Kill an enemy within 3 seconds of
using stim 30 times
Bombs Bursting3
Complete all Field Specialist challengesSkull Shelling6

Elite Operator

ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Win 100 matchesConstruction Zone3
Get the highest elimination to death ratio
in a team game match 5 times
Job Well Done3
Get play of the game 25 timesStormdive3
Better elimination to death ratio with at
least 15 eliminations
Hell Swarm3
Get 30 eliminations in a match 30 timesSunk Cost3
Get the most eliminations in a team game
match 15 times
House Call3
Complete all Elite Operator challengesIn the Breeze6


ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Hold the Hardpoint for 1 minute in a single
game 40 times
True Oasis3
Detonate a bomb in Search and Destroy
25 times
Death Formula3
Capture 100 objectives in DominationBeach Storm3
Exceed 2.0 K/D ratio on your team in team
deathmatch 15 times
British Division3
Get 10 confirms in Kill Confirmed matches
30 times
Cleared for Takeoff3
Get 15 eliminations in Champion Hill
matches 15 times
Crack the Code3
Complete all Operations challengesNext Up6


ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Get a one shot one kill on 6 different
players in the same match 25 times
Long Shot3
Get 50 close range kills without taking
any damage from that player
Stay Low3
Perform 15 finishing movesReddening Haze3
Get 5 equipment impact killConfidential3
Kill a player with their own
weapon 15 times
Final View3
Get 100 melee killsRip Off3
Complete all Humiliation challengesSparring Season6


ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Get 25 blind fire killsBindfire3
Get 50 bullet penetration killsNo Quarter3
Run through 30 wallsMomentum3
Get 100 kills after reloadingEncore3
Get 30 mounted headshotsSniper Nest3
Get 30 mounted multikillsNo Man’s Land3
Complete all Tactician challengesOutmaneuver6


ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Get 5 kills without dying 35 timesGunner’s Blow3
Get 5 Quad killFiery Rage3
Get 35 Triple killsBreathe Easy3
Get 10 kills without dying 20 timesSmoke Piercer3
Get 15 kills without dying 8 timesUndisturbed3
Get 75 double killsSkull Crushing3
Complete all Killer challangesDog in the Fight6


ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Get 5 collateral killLast Resort3
Get 40 longshot killsThrough the Trees3
Get a headshot and a one shot one
kill with the same bullet 50 times
Rest Up3
Get 7 headshots in a match 40 timesDeforestation3
Get 2 one shot one kills without dying 20 timesNext Wave3
Get 8 throwing knife longshot killsWarm Welcome3
Complete all Precision challengesBetween the Eyes6

Some of these challenges are considerably harder than others to complete

Challenges like 15 kills without dying and throwing knife longshots will take much longer to finish than more basic tasks like getting double kills and capping domination points.

How many of these challenges have you completed?!

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