All Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies career challenges

Cod vanguard zombies

Call of Duty Vanguard came released with a large amount of Zombies challenges to complete over the course of your “career”

This article will give a breakdown of all the challenges. Each challenge rewards XP and completing them will reward you with a range of calling cards.

These challenges are seperate from any gun camo or season challenges that get released as new seasons drop into the game

For a breakdown of all the Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer challenges click here

Here is a complete breakdown of all the Vanguard Zombies career challenges that came with the release of the game

Killer of the Dead

ChallengeChallenge name Tiers
Kill a Zombi. Boom-Schreier and Sturmkrieger all
with a throwing knife in the same round
The Forge1
Set 150 distracted, stunned or slowed zombies on fireFriendly Fire3
Get 1000 kills using another enemy as your weaponDeadly Dirks3
Get 250 explosive equipment multi killsMonkey Dance Party3
Get 250 collateral damage kills
by detonating Boom-Schreiers
All Fired Up3
Kill 150 SturmkriegersStorm Watch3
Complete all Killer of the Dead challengesZombie Hunter6

Mission Critical

ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Complete a transmit objective or a blitz
objective without killing a single zombie at
round 3 or higher
Head Held High1
Complete 25 Blitz objectivesHappily Hexed3
Exfil at round 12 or higherVacation Gateway1
Complete 10 Harvest onjectivesHunter and Hunted3
Complete 25 Transmit objectivesGuiding Light3
Complete each type of objective at least once
in Tonga, Hotel Royal and Shi No Numa in a single
match 9 times
Zombie Tourism1
Complete all Mission Critical challengesI Eat You!6

Boot Camp

ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Drink from a demonic fountain twice
in a single match
Drink With Power1
Get 1000 eliminations with a weapon from
the mystery box
What’s in the Box1
Craft 25 pieces of equipmentCrafty Sunova-1
Get 25 kills while using your artifactsDeadly Artifacts1
Acquire and repair your armour 10 timesSir Blast-A-Lot1
Unlock 3 or more Stalingrad map areas in
a single game 5 times
Gate Crashers3
Complete all Boot Camp challengesLife Stealer6

Grizzled Veteran

ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Get 1000 Melee killsBear Fisted5
Get 5000 kills using Pack-a Punched
Ursa Upgrade5
Sacrifice 500 hearts for CovenantsCareful Collaboration3
Get 5000 critical killsKiller Panda5
Successfully exfil 250 timesBear, Out3
Complete 250 Portal objectivesGrizzly Veterans5
Complete all Grizzled Veteran challengesThe Dippers6

Dark Pact

ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Kill 10 total enemies using a brain
Rotted Sturmkrieger
Kill 500 frozen or slowed zombiesIce Knowing You3
Complete 10 objectives while using 3 covenants
that boost damage
Contract Killer3
Heal to full 100 times while satiating your bloodlustTransfusion3
Complete 10 objectives after round 3 without manually
triggering a reload of your weapon
Got A Gremlin3
Exfil successfully with 3 legendary covenants
10 times
Only the Best3
Complete all Dark Pact challengesDark Pact Master6


ChallengeChallenge nameTiers
Drink from 5 different fountains in under
1 minute
Running on Empty1
Successfully exfil with fully upgraded
armour 25 times
Crafty Crab3
Harvest 50 Dark Aether crystalsCrystal Farmer3
Get 250 eliminations with a triple Pack-a-Punched
weapons and diabolical damage
Blood Frenzy3
Drink the maximum level of 5 demonic
fountains in a single game
Thirst Quenched1
Get 250 eliminations with weapons
found in chests
Find and Forget3
Complete all Looter challengesLooter Master6

Like the multiplayer challenges some of the zombie ones will be far more time consuming that others.

Challenges like the exfil 250 times will require large amounts of games to be played whereas challenges like drinking from a demonic fountain twice in one game are much simpler and can be completed in one match

How many career Zombie challenges have you completed?!

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