All Weapon platforms in Modern Warfare II

M4 weapon platform

There is a wide range of weapons in Modern Warfare II

For a full guide to every weapon in the game on launch, check that out here

This article is going to look at the different weapon platforms that link weapons together. Each platform requires you to use certain guns and level them up to unlock further weapons and attachments in that platform family

Every Weapon Platform

Here is an overview of each weapon family and their requirements for unlocks

M4 Platform

Weapon Unlock Requirement
FTAC ReconM4 – Level 13
556 IcarusM4 – Level 16
M16556 Icarus – Level 13
FSS HurricaneFTAC Recon -Level 13

Tactique Verte Platform (Scar)

Weapon Unlock Requirement
TAQ-56Level account to 19
TAQ-VTAQ-56 – level 11
TAQ-MTAQ-56 – level 20

Kastovia Platform

Weapon Unlock Requirement
Kastov 762Level account to 23
Kastov 545Kastov 762 – level 11
RPKKastov 762 – level 16
Kastov-74uKastov 545 – level 13
Vaznev-9kKastov-74u – level 15
MinibakVaznev-9k to level 14

Lachmann & Meer Platform

Weapon Unlock Requirement
Lachmann-762Level account to 16
Lachmann-556Lachmann-762 to 13
LM-SLachmann-762 to 17
Lachmann SubLachmann-556 to 12
RAPP HLachmann-556 to 16

Bruen Bullpup Platform

WeaponUnlock Requirements
STB 556Level account to 41
MX9STB 556 – Level 13
HCR 56STB 556 – Level 20

Ordnance Weapon Platform

WeaponUnlock Requirements
SO-14EBR-14 to Level 12

Bryson 800 Series Platform

Weapon Unlock Requirements
Bryson 800N/A
Bryson 890Bryson 800 – Level 16

Bryson Long Rifle Platform

Weapon Unlock Requirements
SP-R 208Level account to 7
SA-B 50SP-R 208 to Level 13
LA-B 330SA-B 50 to Level 16
SP-X 80LA-B 330 to Level 17

XKR Platform

Weapon Unlock Requirements
X12Level account to 31
X13 AutoX12 – Level 10

Do you like the new Weapon system where you need to use certain guns to unlock others rather than just having it all based on level unlock

Which weapon class is your favourite?

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