Ancient Hunter bundle in Call of Duty Vanguard

Ancient Hunter bundle

The Ancient Hunter Mastercraft bundle is available to purchase from the in-game store in Call of Duty Vanguard

Its advertised “Awaken the ancients in a mighty howl with the Ancient Hunter Mastercraft bundle. Note: this bundle includes a Mastercraft blueprint with a weapon inspection, and a Vanguard-only item

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Ancient Hunter bundle

Breakdown of the Ancient Hunter bundle

Price – The Ancient Hunter bundle costs 2400 Cod points (which equates to £16.79 UK price)

What’s included?

This is a 9 item bundle and the following items are included in the bundle

  • Canis Lupus blueprint – Assault rifle Charlie
  • Louveterie blueprint – Submachine gun Charlie
  • Honshu Guardian Shigenori operator skin
  • Alpha Souvenir Charm
  • Eastern Howl Sticker
  • The Unsheathing Calling Card
  • Alpha Wolf Emblem
  • Caught by Surprise operator Finishing move
  • Precision Incision Shigenori MVP highlight  

Personal Opinions on this bundle

This bundle has quite a lot. The finishing move is a nice one along with the MVP highlight.

The operator skin looks rather funky. The only drawback to this bundle is the weapon blueprints don’t have an coloured tracer rounds or dismemberment which would of made it even better

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