Arena levels in Clash Royale Post October 2022 update

clash royale october update

The huge October 2022 update brought with it a huge amount of changes. One of those was a rehaul of the previous trophy system.

There are now 20 trophy arenas that range all the way up to the new level cap of 7500 trophies after which when you hit that you can no longer gain or lose trophies… you “complete the game” so to speak and playing from then on in in the new trophy system still allows you to gain gold and chests but would be like playing the previous 1v1 showdown mode

Each arena has a trophy floor that prevents you from dropping below the arena you reach once you get there for the first time.

The new update brought 6 new arenas to complete the 20, here are th 6 new arenas

  • Miners mine
  • Executioner’s kitchen
  • Royal Crypt
  • Silent Sanctuary
  • Dragon Spa
  • Legendary Arena

Here is a breakdown of every arena, the trophy requirements and King level needed to enter that arena. These are known as “level gates”

Arena NumberArena King Level Trophy count
1Goblin Stadium10
2Bone Pit2300
3Barbarian Bowl3600
4Spell Valley41000
5Builder’s Workshop51300
6Pekka’s Playhouse71600
7Royal Arena92000
8Frozen Peak112300
9Jungle Arena132600
10Hog Mountain153000
11Electro Valley183400
12Spooky Town213800
13Rascal’s Hideout244200
14Serenity Peak274600
15Miner’s Mine305000
16Executioner’s Kitchen335500
17Royal Crypt366000
18Silent Sanctuary396500
19Dragon Spa427000
20Legendary Arena457500

What arena are you in and which arena are you aiming for ?

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