August spotlight hours 2021 in Pokemon Go

The spotlight Hours for August are here

Spotlight hours take place every Tuesday at 6pm local time and lasts for one hour. These spotlight hours are usually accompanied by an ingame boost such as double catch XP or double catch Stardust to make these mini events much more appealing.

The Spotlight hours for august are as follows:

3rd August 2021 – Magnemite. The boost for this spotlight is double catch stardust

This might be the most useful boost of all offered in the August spotlight hours given how valuable stardust is within Pokemon Go. This boost combined with a star piece item gives trainers 300 stardust per catch on a first evolution pokemon.

10th August 2021 – East Sea Shellos. The boost for this spotlight is double catch XP.

This is again a really handy boost for trainers and can be quadrupled with the use of a lucky egg item

17th August 2021 – West Sea Shellos. The boost for this spotlight is double catch candy.

This boost combined with a pinap berry means each first evolution pokemon caught can yield 12 candies per catch or 6 candies per catch without the use of a pinap

24th August 2021 – Skwovet. The boost for this spotlight is double transfer candy

This is ideal for clearing out pokemon space and earning two candies instead of the usual one for each pokemon sent to professor Willow

31st August 2021 – Wooloo. The boost for this spotlight is double XP for evolving a pokemon

This is a useful boost for saving up and mass evolving a bunch of pokemon during this hour. Second evolution pokemon that require 25 candies are ideal for this as well as some of the cheaper evolvers such as weedle at 12 candies per evolution

Thoughts on the August spotlight hours

The selection of Pokemon currently announced for this months spotlight hours doesn’t quite match up to what was on offer last month in July however the spotlight hours are still definitely worth taking part in and grinding hard to make sure you get the most out of them

The Magnemite Spotlight will make achieving a Magnezone a much more manageable task if you can earn enough candies. The East and West Sea Shellos have previously been region locked depending on where you are. They will also be appearing in the Ultra Unlock event part two throughout August too so these spotlights are a great chance to load up on candies for these.

Skwovet and Wooloo are newly released pokemon so these spotlight hours are a great chance to stack up candies for them

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