Best Automaton class in Ranked play on Call of Duty Vanguard


The Automaton is probably the best Assault rifle for Ranked play in Call of Duty Vanguard. The recent ban of the Volk the Automaton has even more play.

The STG44 is another assault rifle that has some play but the Automaton with its superior fire rate is the current assult rifle king.

If your looking for a guide to the best sub machine gun setup for a run and gun style check out the MP40 guide here

Best class setup

Here is a breakdown of the best Automaton class set up, that takes into account all the restricted attachments

Attachment catergoryAttachment Second Attachment choice
MuzzleF8 Stabilizer
BarrelAnastasia Sniper
OpticSlate Reflector
StockZac Skeletal
UnderbarrelM1914 Hand Stop
Ammo TypeFMJLengthened
Rear GripFabric GripGranular Grip
ProficiencyTight GripSlight of Hand
KitOn-HandFully Loaded

The Attachment choices for the Automaton aren’t as black and white as the MP40. There is a little more variation depending on personal preference and play style

This set up is what the majority of pro players and serious rank play players are using though so following this set up is a sure fire way to have success

The next question is what else to pair this gun with when making your complete class?

The rest of your class set up

Pairing the Automaton with the right set up can create an optimum class

Here is what you’ll want to have on the rest of the class


Perk 1 slot you’ll want one of the following:

  • Fortified – perfect for protecting against grenades. Will also generate health weakened from explosive damage faster
  • Survival Training – Provides resistance to stun grenades
  • Ninja- Provides quieter footsteps to stop enemies hearing your movement as easily

Ninja is more of a niche pick that is resevered for Search and Destroy games where silent footsteps is near essential. Fortified and Survival Training is a bit of a toss up as to which to use. Personally i would choose Fortified due to grenades being more deadly than stuns especially if trying to play the objective

Perk 2 you’ll want:

  • Radar – This shows unsilenced weapons fired on the mini map from your enemies

Radar is really the only sensible option for your perk 2 slot. Many other options are banned including High Alert, Tracker and Forward Intel

Perk 3 you’ll want one of:

  • Double Time
  • Lightweight

Double Time is the top pick for many players as it increases the duration of your tactical sprint. Lightweight also helps to move you around the map faster so is a feasible choice

Field Upgrade

The standout winner in this option is the newly released Trophy System. This is a bit of a no brainer really. Having the Trophy system is excellent to stop grenades (lethal and tactical) when playing on objectives

Dead Silence is an option that could be used for Search and Destroy, to end up total silent when doing anything (moving, mantling etc) but most of the time Trophy system will be your field upgrade of choice.

Lethal and Tactical

The only choice for the lethal grenade currently is the Frag grenade. All other relevant options are banned in both the CDL and ranked play

For your Tactical grenade, NO 69 Stun grenade is what you want to be using. Spamming these onto objective points can make life very difficult for your opponent, even with the newly released trophy system.

So there is the optimum class and weapon set up for the Automaton in Call of Duty Vanguard ranked play. Does your class differ, if so leave a comment and let me know!

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