Clash Royale balance changes August 2022

clash royale august 2022 balance changes

The next series of balance changes for Clash Royale have been announced

These August 2022 changes will come into effect after the maintenance update on August 2nd

Here is an overview of all the new balance changes

Buffs (increases)


  • Charging state: Faster (3.5 tiles > 3 tiles)

The prince will now enter its charged state faster

Ram Rider

  • Charging state: Faster (3.5 tiles > 3 tiles)

The Ram Rider will enter its charged state faster

Mega Knight

  • Jump Delay: Faster (1.1s > 0.9s)

The Mega Knight will now jump faster


  • Projectile Range: Increased (6.5 tiles > 7.5 tiles)

The Executioners throw will now be longer

Ice Golem

  • After Death slow effect: Increased (+0.5s)

The slowing effect Ice Golem has when dying is increased in duration

Elixir Golem

  • Each Golem part now gives Elixir
  • Golem Hitpoints: Increased (+9%)
  • Golemites Hitpoints: Increased (+6%)

Elixir From this card will now be granted as follows:

  • Golem: +1 elixir
  • Golemites: 0.5 elixir each (+1 total)
  • Blobs: 0.5 elixir each (+2 total)

Nerfs (decreases)

Golden Knight

  • Hitpoints: Decreased (-10%)

Skeleton King

  • Soul summoning ability: Decreased (Max skeleton count 18 >16)

Electro Giant

  • Reflected damage to Crown Towers: Decreased (-33%)


  • Pushback: Decreased (1.8 tiles > 1 tile)

Fire Spirit

  • Damage: Decreased (-9%)

What do you think of the new balance changes?

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