Clash Royale balance changes June 2022

June balance changes

For June there was 9 card balance changes. The following cards have received a change either to strengthen it or weaken it.

Here is an overview of all the card balance changes and what has been done.

Card changes

Mother Witch
Mother Witch

Mother Witch – Received a Buff

  • Hit Speed: Increased (9% faster)
  • First Hit: Increased (25% faster)

Electro Giant – Received a Buff

  • Hitpoints: Increased (9%)

Night Witch – Received a Buff

  • Hit Speed: Increased (13% faster)

Barbarian – Received a Buff

  • Hit Speed: Increased (7% faster)

(Affects Barbarians, Battle Ram, Barbarian Hut and Barbarian Barrel)

Electro Giant
Electro Giant

Goblin Drill – Received a Nerf

  • Travel Speed: Decreased (25% slower)

Skeleton King – Received a Nerf

  • Soul Summoning Ability: (Max Skeleton count 20 down to 18)

The Log – Received a Nerf

  • Damage dealt to Crown Towers: Decreased from 30% to 20% (which is a decrease of 33%)

The Knockback ability has been left as it was

Royal Ghost – Received a Nerf

  • Invisibility cooldown: Decreased (1.6s to 1.8s)

Barbarian Barrel – Received a Nerf

  • Range: Decreased (5 down to 4.5)

The Range reduction will allow the Barbarian to hit the tower only once instead of twice now if unanaswered

Night Witch
Night Witch

What are your thoughts on the June card balance changes?

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