Daily Adventure Incense

daily adventure incense

A brand new feature has been released called Daily Adventure Incense. This new item is another form of Incense that works slightly differently

The Daily Adventure Incense is 15 minutes in duration and cannot be used alongside any other form of incense/ Melton box

The Daily Adventure Incense will randomly spawn Pokemon some of which are not frequently seen in the wild. Anything you have previously encountered can appear.

Already people have had encounters with Galarian Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos (even though their flee rates are currently 90%)

Upon the release of the Daily Adventure Incense new special research was released to encourage people to start using it.

How often can It be used?

As said above each Daily Adventure Incense lasts 15 minutes. You will receive one per day free of charge and you can only hold one at a time

You NEED to be moving in order to receive Pokemon from this incense so unlike regular incense, this one cant be used when stationary (at home etc)

The Daily Adventure Incense is activated the same way as a regular incense

At the end of the 15 minutes youll receive a recap screen showing you what you caught. This can then be shared with others for social media etc

Daily Adventure Incense and Daily Pokeballs

To make sure everyone can use the new feature:

  • If you have fewer than or exactly 30 total Poke balls, Great balls or Ultra balls you will receive 30x Poke balls when you activate Daily Adventure Incense
  • If you have more than 30 total Poke balls, Great balls or Ultra balls, you will not receive any additional Poke balls

Thoughts on the Daily Adventure Incense 

The idea of this new incense is in theory a good one especially as it allows anyone to utilise it that can be moving for 15 minutes

Reports from usage of the new incense so far vary. Some are getting 20 plus spawns vs others getting 4-5 spawns even when active for the duration

It is being reported that the movement is being tracked via GPS rather than steps walked so its suggested to walk in straight lines if possible

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