Deino Community Day

Deino com day

The Community Day for June (2022) has been announced and its an exciting one; it’s Deino!

The June Community Day will take place on Saturday June 25th 2022 from 11am local time until 2pm local time

Here is a complete overview of everything that will be in the Deino Community Day


Everything in Deino Community Day

The featured Pokemon will be Deino. There will be increased spawns in the wild for Deino and there is the chance that it can be shiny.

Event Bonuses

The following bonuses will be live for the Deino Community Day

  • ¼ Hatch distance when eggs are placed in incubators during the event period
  • 2x chance to receive Deino Candy XL from catching Deino
  • 2x Candy for catching Pokemon
  • Lure modules last for 3 hours
  • Incense lasts for 3 hours
  • Take a few snapshots for a surprise (encounter with Deino)
  • One additional special trade during the event and up to five hours afterwards for a maximum of three for the day
  • Trades made during the event and up to five hours after will require 50% less stardust

Bonus for groups

The following bonus can be achieved by working with other players

  • If enough Pokemon are caught with help from a single lure module, wild Zweilous will appear near the lured Pokestop

Bonus Raid Battles after the Community Day

The bonus raid mini event takes place directly after the Community day hous from 2pm till 7pm local time on June 25th.

There will be unique 4 star raids featuring Zweilous. Completing these raids will cause Deino to appear around the gym that hosted the raid for 30 minutes. The Deino will have the same shiny chance as during the actual Community day event.

The Deino will appear within a 300 metre radius around the gym that hosted the raid

The catch to this event however is you can only take part in these raids in person. Regular and Premium passes CAN be used, remote passes CANNOT be used.

Personally speaking I don’t know how I feel about this, as whilst its fun for active communities and effectively makes the event a potential 8 hour one, for players in rural areas, disabled or that are shy, its very isolating and inaccessible which I personally think is a bad thing for the game.

Featured attack

As always in a Community Day, there is the release of a Com Day move. For Deino Community Day, its evolution Hydreigon gets the charged move Brutal Swing.

Brutal Swing is a Dark type move and gives

  • Trainer battles (PvP): 65 Power
  • Gyms and Raids (PvE): 65 Power

It can be learned during the event and up to five hours after which is excellent as it gives time to trade for luckies in the immediate aftermath of the event and still get the Community Day move


Special research story

As always there is a special research story you can buy from the store. The ticket named “Field Notes: Deino” will give access to a special research story that provide relatively simplistic tasks to complete whilst playing the Community Day.

The rewards you receive justify the $1 price tag (or equivalent price in your currency). The ticket can also be gifted to you or others by going to the store and clicking gift instead of buy.

(You cannot be gifted the ticket if you have already brought it or already been gifted it from someone else)

Stickers and avatar item

You will be able to get event themed stickers from spinning Pokestops, opening gifts and purchasing them from the in-game store.

A Deino hat avatar item will be available to purchase for 150 Pokecoins from the in-game shop

Deino stickers

Thoughts on Deino Community Day

Firstly I am very excited for Deino Community Day. It is certainly a Pokemon to look forward to

The ¼ hatch distance is a useful boosts for players with lots of incubators to hatch eggs, but a stronger boost such as catch XP would of made the event even better

The new raid event is an interesting feature, and one that could be successful, but potentially isolates parts of the community, which I personally think is a bad thing because a game should be accessible for all, even if its designed to get people out and about

The new Community Day move Brutal Swing looks an interesting move and remains to be seen how effective it will be.

Overall im really excited for this Community Day. The Pokemon choice is excellent and the event has a lot of potential to be an awful lot of fun. Just please Niantic, don’t find a way to ruin that fun!

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