Ditto encounters in Pokemon Go September 2021

The Pokemon that Ditto can appear in as a disguise has been updated for the Season of Mischief starting on September 1st 2021.

In order to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go you have to encounter one that Ditto disguises itself as another Pokemon. Only after you have caught its disguise will it reveal itself in a separate animation screen.

The Pokemon Ditto can now disguise itself as are:

  • Gastly (Kanto region)
  • Drowzee (Kanto region)
  • Remoraid (Johto region)
  • Teddiursa (Johto region)
  • Gulpin (Hoenn region)
  • Numel (Hoenn region)
  • Stunky (Sinnoh region)
  • Dwebble (Unova region)
  • Foongus (Unova region)

A Ditto that disguises itself as one of the listed Pokemon appears for all trainers not just one, so letting your friends know when you find one can be the fastest way of everyone encountering it.

From this season; the season of mischief, Ditto has a chance to appear in its Shiny form for the first time. There is however a built in functionality that means if any of the encountered pokemon listed is a shiny, then it cannot be a Ditto.

If the encountered pokemon isn’t a shiny but Ditto is disguising itself as that Pokemon, there is still a chance that the Ditto could be shiny.

During the month of September Ditto also can be encountered in the Field research breakthrough event for a 7 day streak.

This will make encountering a Ditto much easier and is a great chance to complete research tasks requiring an encounter with Ditto.

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