Duskull Community day – October 2021

Duskull Pokemon

The October Community day has been confirmed and will be taking place on Saturday 9th October from 11am -5pm local time. Here is the complete overview of everything included in the event.

Duskull will be the featured Pokemon for this Community day. This selection has been greeted with a mixed reception within the Pokemon Community. Many were hoping for a slightly better Ghost Pokemon for this months Community day, that would be more relevant for PvP whilst others are just happy to have another Community day to enjoy.

Duskull and its evolutions all have shiny forms which are available with increased probability of enocuntering during the event

Whats included in this Community day?

First and foremost there will greatly increased Duskull spawns for the event as there is every Community day.

The bonuses for the event are:

  • 3x Catch Stardust
  • 3 Hour Incense
  • 3 Hour Lure Modules

The 3 hour incense and lure modules have become standard for Community days. The 3x catch stardust is a huge boost and makes this community day very appealing to grind.

Adding a star piece will further increase the amount of stardust you earn per catch and given that stardust is the vital currency within Pokemon GO, it makes playing hard for this event essential.

To have Star pieces running all event you will need to have 12 of them stored up ready to use.

Duskull Community day

Purchases from the store

During the event, there will be a Community day bundle available to purchase that will cost 1280 coins. This bundle contains

  • 50x Ultra Balls
  • 4x Incense
  • 4x Star pieces
  • 1x Elite Charged TM

There will also be a special research story you can purchase. This events research will be called “Nothin’ Dull About Duskull” It will cost you $0.99 (or equivalent in your currency). This is totally optional but these Community day research stories are well worth the investment with the return on prizes they give back.

Star pieces can also be brought within the store. You can buy a single Star piece for 100 coins or a pack of 8 Star pieces for 640 coins.

There will be an Ultra Ball bundle also in the store for the event that will be free to collect. It will contain 30x Ultra Balls

Duskull shiny

Other features within this Community day

Dusclops evolved to Dusknoir or Dusknoir caught during the 6 hour event will have access to its own exclusive Community day move… Shadow Ball. This can be also be taught two hours after the Community day finishes.

After the event and subsequent 2hours are over, you will equire an Elite Charged TM to enable Dusknoir to learn Shadow Ball. Community day moves cannot be learned with regular Charged TMs

There will also be Timed research which will be free to unlock and event themed. Completing it will allow you to earn up to 4 Sinnoh stones

Taking snapshots during the event will also give you the chance to earn up to 5 additional Duskull encounters

Duskull Pokemon

Stardust boosts for the event

Here is a breakdown of the Stardust per catch you can earn for this Community day

Pokemon StageBase StardustEvent StardustEvent +Star pieceEvent & Weather BoostedEvent + Star piece & Weather Boosted
Base Form100300450375562
First Evolution300900135011251687
Second Evolution5001500225018752812

Best PvP stats

To get a Dusknoir for PvP you need to aim for the Following stats with Dusclops:

Great League

  • 574 CP or Lower
  • Best IV: 0/14/13

Ultra League

  • 706 CP or Lower
  • Best IV: 15/15/15

Master League

  • Any CP
  • Best IV: 15/15/15

Thoughts on the Duskull Community day

First and foremost, the 3x catch Stardust makes this event incredibly appealing for grinding. October in general is a massive chance to stock up on huge amounts of stardust, with the Master league taking place in the battle league, Combee and Audino in the Secrets of the Jungle event, this event now adds to all of that.

Shadow ball is a solid move for any Pokemon, it will certainly help Dusknoir become a little better, even if it is overshadowed by other Ghost Pokemon

Dusclops evolves into Dusknoir with 100 candies and a Sinnoh stone. Completing the free timed research In this event gives up to 4 Sinnoh stones as prizes, this is a great opportunity to stock up on a few for anyone that is lacking in them to make evolving one fast and painless.

Having 12 Star pieces for the event will help maximise the amount of Stardust you can grind. 4 Star pieces are in the Community day bundle costing 1280 coins and you cn purchase a bundle of 8 Star pieces in the store for 640 coins. This means youll need a total of 1920 coins to ensure you have star pieces running all day.

Playing the Community day in a densely populated area like a town or city will greatly increase your spawns throughout the day and hence the amount you can catch. Ideally find an area with several Poke Stops you can “cycle” round to keep spawns flowing and also keep replenishing the balls and berries your using.

Take advantage of the Community days to work on Platinum medals such as the Ghost badge and the Picnicker badge which requires you to use a lure module to help any trainer catch Pokemon.

How hard will you be grinding this Community day?

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