Every game mode in Modern Warfare II: November 2022

mw2 prisoner rescue

Modern Warfare 2 2022 is live worldwide and has become the biggest Call of Duty release ever.

Like the Maps that ship with the game, the game modes that are playable also form a key part of the overall gameplay

For full details of all maps that came with the release of Modern Warfare II check that out here

This article will breakdown each game mode that came with release, with many more modes likely to be released through the lifespan of Modern Warfare II (2022)

Every game mode

There is 13 game modes that shipped on release. 10 core modes (6v6), 2 Ground War/Invasion modes and third person which allows players to play the game from a 3rd person perspective

Hardcore mode currently isn’t in the game BUT is releasing on November 16th with the season 1 start under the new name “tier 1”

6v6 Modes

Team Deathmatch

The standard Call of Duty multiplayer mode, first team to reach a certain number of kills wins the match. No objectives just straight up killing

Kill Confirmed

Very much like team deathmatch, except when a player dies they drop a dog tag. You win the game by collecting a certain number of enemy team dog tags

Free for All

Like team deathmatch except its every player for themselves. Win by being the first to make a certain number of kills


3 flags are on the map; A,B and C. Aim is to capture and hold the flags to accumulate points. First team to score 200 points wins


Headquarter zones will spawn around the map, Teams have to capture the headquarters and hold it to accumulate points. First team to 200 points or highest score accumulated when the time runs out wins. When you have caputured the headquarters the team holding it don’t respawn until its been destroyed when you then fight over the next spawning Headquarters


Hardpoint zones appear around the map in a set order, you have to stay in the zone to accumulate points. First team to reach the score limit (or has the highest score when the time runs out) wins

Search and Destroy

One team is attacking and one team defending. The attacking team has a bomb and two bombsites to choose from to try plant it at. Defending time has to defuse the bomb before it blows up. No respawns per round and rounds are won by either blowing up/defending the bombsite or killing the opposite team. Winning a set amount of rounds wins the match


One team defends two zones, the other team has to attack and capture them. Each team has a set umber of lives per round. At the end of the round teams will switch roles (attack vs defence) Winning team is the team that wins an allocated number of rounds. A round ends when all team lives are lost or both points are lost before the timer ends

Prisoner Rescue

Prisoner rescue involves one team trying to rescue two prisoners and the other team defending them. There is no direct respawns in this mode per round ALTHOUGH you can revive teammates that are down to bring that back alive (if your willing to risk your own life to do so)


Knockout requires you to carry a ball to score points. Like prisoner mode there is no direct respawns but you can revive a team mate (if your willing to risk your own life to do so)

Big Team Modes

There are two big team modes

  • Ground War
  • Invasion

The maps for these modes are considerably bigger and teams can be up to 32v32 players

As stated above Third person mode is in the game and lets you play it from a different perspective. This mode is fun for the most part and is played with limited game modes on limited maps. It’s a useful way of levelling up guns you might otherwise struggle to initially use

What’s your favourite game mode in Modern Warfare II ?

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