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black ops cold war weapons

Black Ops Cold War came on release with a multitude of weapons. Since its release their have been six seasons each bringing with it a selection of new and exciting weapons to improve the game.

Since the release of Vanguard even more content has been released in Cold War to keep it fresh and playable for everyone.

In this article I will give an overview of every weapon in Black Ops Cold War to date.

Assault Rifles

WeaponWhen unlockedGun type
XM4Rank 4Full auto
AK-47Rank 7Full auto
Krig 6Rank 16Full auto
QBZ-83Rank 31Full auto
FFAR 1Rank 40Full auto
GrozaSeason 1 contentFull auto
FARA 83Season 2 contentFull auto
C58Season 4 contentFull auto
EM2Season 5 contentFull auto
GravSeason 6 contentFull auto
Vargo 52Added March 4th
2022 update
Full auto

The Krig 6 is the undisputed king of the Assault rifles in Black Ops Cold War. With the right attachment its becomes a lazerbeam with next to no recoil and the ability to perform both close and long range. It has huge play in both multiplayer and league play.

The XM4 is another super consistent weapon that has a lot of play in both multiplayer and league.

The Groza, C58 and FARA 83 are the only DLC assault rifles allowed in league play and the Groza is the current META amongst league play players. Both the FARA 83 and Groza are super feasible with excellent fire rates and performance both close and long range. The C58 is a bit more of a niche pick.

The AK 47 and other DLC guns are solid choices for multiplayer with the AK47 in particular sporting a very high damage output

The FFAR 1 has a huge fire rate but is countered by heavy recoil. Strong players can have lots of success with this gun is they can manage the recoil. Players that struggle with gun recoil should avoid this wepon.

The QBZ-83 is a consistent weapon that is very useable but is a bit of a niche as its outclassed by stronger weapons in this category even after being buffed.

Submachine Guns

Weapon When UnlockedGun type
MP5DefaultFull auto
MilanoRank 13Full auto
AK74uRank 19Full auto
KSP 45Rank 373 round burst
BullfrogRank 43Full auto
Mac 10Season 1 contentFull auto
LC10Season 2 contentFull auto
PPSH-41Season 3 contentFull auto
OTS 9Season 4 contentFull auto
TEC-9Season 5 contentBurst/3 round/Full auto
LAPASeason 6 contentFull auto
UGR6th May 2022 updateFull auto

The standout king of the Submachine gun is the AK74u. Even after multiple nerfs, it still reigns supreme in both multiplayer and league play. The LC10 is also a contender, but suffered several nerfs to dampen it slightly. unfortunately it was banned from league play but is still very effective in multiplayer.

Most of the DLC submachine guns are highly effective with the TEC-9 being the most effective. It is available in single shot, 3 round burst or full auto. The PPSH-41 doesnt quite fulfil its potential however.

The Mac 10 has a disgusting fire rate which can be deadly in the hands of a skilled player, however much like the FFAR 1 players that struggle with recoil should avoid it.

The milano, bullfrog and MP5 all have some play in multiplayer, and the KSP 45 has become the best 3 round burst weapon thanks to several buffs

Light Machine Guns

WeaponWhen UnlockedGun type
Stoner 63DefaultFull auto
RPDRank 22Full auto
M60Rank 46Full auto
MG 82Season 4 contentFull auto

All of the Light Machine guns are godly in this game in both multiplayer and zombies. The stoner was meta before it recieved a nerf due to a large section of the community unhappy with its dominance. It is still very viable along with the RPD which can be set up to be almost recoilless with the correct attachments.

The MG 82 has the most recoil in class and is a rare anomaly in that as a DLC gun it performs worse than the guns that came with the release of the game.

Tactical Rifles

WeaponWhen UnlockedGun type
Type 63DefaultSingle shot
M16Rank 103 round burst
AUGRank 283 round burst
DMR 14Rank 49Single shot
CARV.2Season 3 content3 round burst

The Tactical rifles offer a change of play style. Both the AUG and M16 were incredibly deadly before their respective nerfs, although both are still useable, The M16 slightly more so.

The Type 63 and DMR14 offer solid single shot options for more defence players. The CARV.2 is another powerful 3 round burst gun that be used very effectively in multiplayer and zombies.

Sniper Rifles

WeaponWhen UnlockedGun type
Pellington 703DefaultSingle shot
LW3-TundraRank 25Single shot
M82Rank 55Semi auto
ZRG 20mmSeason 2 contentSingle shot
Swiss K31Season 3 contentSingle shot

The Meta for sniper rifles has changed repeatedly. The LW3-Tundra was the original choice of sniper, but that got replaced with the ZRG 20mm when that came in season 2.

The Swiss K31 is now the optimal sniper given its fast aim down sight and damage output making it ideal for players looking to “quickscope”

The M82 offers a semi auto option a little like the Barrett 50 cal from Modern Warfare 2 (although not quite as good)


Weapon When UnlockedGun type
1911DefaultSingle shot
MagnumRank 31Single shot
DiamattiRank 493 round burst
AMP 63Season 3 contentFull auto
MarshalSeason 5 contentSingle shot

All the pistols are good options for secondaries. The 1911 and Diamatti are the choice for league play. The marshal when set up with Akimbo can be deadly running round objective multiplayer modes


WeaponWhen UnlockedGun type
Hauer 77Rank 7Single shot
Gallo SA12Rank 34Semi auto
StreetsweeperSeason 1 contentFull auto
.410 IronhideSeason 6 contentSingle shot

All of the shotguns have some play within the game. The Streetsweeper combined with the gungho perk and running round holding a stun grenade makes for a lethal combination in Hardcore modes.

The Hauer 77 and Gallo SA12 are especially strong in Zombies game modes although they can be effectively utilised in multiplayer


WeaponWhen UnlockedGun type
SledgehammerSeason 1 contentN/A
WakizashiSeason 1 contentN/A
E-ToolSeason 2 contentN/A
MacheteSeason 2 contentN/A
Baseball BatSeason 3 contentN/A
MaceSeason 4 contentN/A
CaneSeason 5 contentN/A
SaiSeason 5 contentN/A
Battle AxeSeason 6 contentN/A
Hammer and SickleSeason 6 contentN/A

The Melee weapons ae all very similar in as much as they all do the same job. Some have a slightly longer reach etc, but the one you use isnt especially important. Some of the animations for some of them look rather cool when making a kill but all of them require patience and determination to complete the camo challenges for.

Launchers and Specials

WeaponWhen UnlockedGun type
Cigma 2DefaultSingle shot
RPG 7Rank 40Single shot
M79Rank 52Single shot
R1 ShadowhunterSeason 2 contentSingle shot
Ballistic KnifeSeason 3 contentN/A
Nail GunSeason 4 contentFull Auto

The launcher and specials have a niche appeal within the game. The Cigma 2 is the best option for taking down enemy air support/streaks.

The Ballistic Knife has a nostalgic feel from Black Ops 1. The Nail Gun is quite a unique weapon in as much as it can actually be used a little bit like a mini sub machine gun.

What is your favourite Gun in Cold War? Which is your go to for Multiplayer, League or Zombies?!

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