Famous Footballers to appear in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ?


Modern Warfare 2 has released today, 28th October 2022.

Within the game files, data miners have found a list of unreleased operators still to come in the future of the game.

The full list of operator names found is:

  • Aksel
  • Connor
  • Klaus
  • Luna
  • Messi
  • Neymar
  • Pogba
  • Roze
  • Reyes
  • Gromsco

Amongst the list of names found were the names of famous footballers; Neymar, Pogba and even Messi

This indicates that in the future these footballers could be appearing in Call of Duty for the first time. 

Real life celebrities have appeared in Call of Duty before with Snoop Dogg being possibly the most famous, footballers would mark a first though for the Call of Duty franchise.

How these operators will become available remains to be seen but its most likely they will appear as purchasable DLC operators possibly around the time the football world cup starts in November (20th) 2022.

Disclaimer: Whilst these names have been found via data mining, nothing is confirmed until officially released by Infinity Ward

Would you be excited to see these famous footballers appearing in Call of Duty, or should they be reserved for the football field ?

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