GO Battle day: Stardust surprise

Pokemon Mega battle

For the first time ever in Pokemon GO, for one day only you will be able to use Mega evolved Pokemon in the GO Battle league.

This will only be available in the Master League format where there is no cap on CP and all Pokemon are allowed to be used.

The GO Battle day will take place from Sunday May 29th 2022 from 12am local time and lasts until 11;59pm local time.

Mega energy

Details of the Battle day

The bonus for the Battle day will be 4x stardust from win rewards.

All Trainers will be able to complete a total of 100 battles during the day instead of the daily limit of 25.

End of set avatar rewards

Trainers who complete a set at any rank during this GO battle day will receive the Gladion’s Pants avatar item. (If you already acquired this from getting to level 20 you won’t receive it again)

What leagues will be active?

The following leagues will be active during this Battle day

  • Master league
  • Ultra league
  • Great league
Interlude season

Thoughts on the battle day

The introduction of Mega pokemon in the GO battle league is game changing even if just for “one day only”

This could well be a trial to see how it plays out and its likely that in the near future Mega Pokemon in the battle league could become a permanent fixture.

The typing certain Megas have can make Pokemon viable that wouldn’t otherwise be used.

At first glance, Mega Gyarados, Abomasnow and Latios/Latias could be potential options to use

Gyrados already has play in the Master league, Abomasnow has play in the battle league period and will benefit from the increased CP. Latias and Latios aren’t great for battle league when compared to other options but with Mega power and stats could see more play.

If Mega Pokemon becomes a permanent fixture in the battle league then far more scary Mega Pokemon are still sat waiting in the wings to be released and unleased!

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