GO Battle League: Season of Light Reward encounters

battle league season 12

With the start of season 12 in Pokemon GO, comes the start of another season of battle league

GO battle league: season of light starts on Thursday 1st September 2022 at 1pm PDT. It will last right up until the end of the season on December 1st

At the beginning of the season the following occurs

  • End-of-season rewards will be available from last season
  • Your GO battle league rank will reset
  • Rank up requirements will remain the same as the previous season

This article will lay out the rewards available for the season 12 in the battle league

This season featured a large shake up of the meta and a vast pool of move changes. For a breakdown of all the move changes check that article out here

For a breakdown of the schedule of this season’s battle league find that here

Rewards available in the Battle League this season

Following the pattern from previous GO battle league seasons, this season will feature fixed rewards for achieving certain levels and a bunch of standard encounters when you achieve certain levels

Additionally you will get certain rewards both in game items and avatar items for reaching a certain rank in the battle league

Here is a breakdown of all the rewards available and how to get them

Guaranteed rank up rewards

  • Level 1 – Pinsir (shiny chance)
  • Level 6 – Meinfoo
  • 2000 Elo (ace rank) – Axew (shiny chance)
  • 2500 Elo (veteran rank)  – Noibat
  • 2750 Elo (expert rank) – Goomy
  • 3000 Elo (legend) – Pikachu Libra (shiny available)
Pikachu libra
Pikachu Libra

Standard encounters

Here are the standard encounters available this season. Note once you hit a certain level you can encounter all Pokemon previously encountered plus the new ones you unlock

Rank 1

  • Poliwag (shiny available)
  • Wingull (shiny available)
  • Meditite (shiny available)
  • Woobat (shiny available)
  • Litwick

Rank 6

  • Skarmory (shiny available)
  • Frillish
  • Meinfoo

Rank 11

  • Onix (shiny available)
  • Lickitung (shiny available)
  • Hitmontop (shiny available)
  • Ralts (shiny available)
  • Phantump

Rank 16

  • Espeon
  • Umbreon
  • Miltank (shiny available)

Rank 20

  • Current 5* raid boss

2000 Elo

  • Axew (shiny available)

2500 Elo

  • Noibat

2750 Elo

  • Goomy

GO Battle League Timed research pass

A free timed research pass will be available from the in-game shop. Acquiring this pass will give season long timed research that tracks your wins throughout the season.

Stardust will be the primary research for completing tasks and each page of tasks required 100 wins. Rewards such as an Elite Fast TM will be available for 400 wins and an Elite Charged TM for 500 wins

Battle league season 12 avatar items

Avatar Items

Trainers who research level 3 will be rewarded with Pikachu Libra avatar items

Further avatar items will be available themed around Guzma the leader of team skull in Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. These items are

  • Ace rank – Watch and Bracelet
  • Veteran rank – Pants
  • Expert rank – Glasses
  • Legend rank – Shirt and Pose

In addition once you reach rank 19, you’ll receive an Elite Charged TM as a reward, and then at the end of season rewards you’ll also receive an Elite Fast TM

elite tm

That is all the rewards available in the GO battle league: Season of Light. How many will you collect?

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