Halloween Mischief Field Research tasks


With the Halloween Mischief event parts one and two, comes a series of event specific field research tasks.

Here is a breakdown of all the field research tasks and the rewards they give for part 1: Creepy Companions

Field Research TaskPotential Rewardor Potential Reward
Catch 9 PokemonGothita encounterDrowzee encounter
Catch 5 Ghost type PokemonCostume Piplup encounterCostume Pikachu encounter
Catch 15 Ghost type PokemonCostume Drifblim
Catch 25 Ghost type PokemonGalarian Yamask
Make 3 Curveball ThrowsSpinarak
Send 3 GiftsZubatWoobat
Spin 3 Poke Stops or GymsSpinarak
Spin 7 Poke Stops or Gyms1x Rare Candy

All reward Pokemon have the chance to be shiny EXCEPT Galarian Yamask and Gothita


Pokemon CP Ranges

Here are all the CP ranges for the Pokemon earned as rewards


  • Min CP: 375
  • Max CP: 407


  • Min CP: 411
  • Max CP: 446

Costume Piplup

  • Min CP: 426
  • Max CP: 460

Costume Pikachu

  • Min CP: 369
  • Max CP: 402

Costume Drifblim

  • Min CP: 965
  • Max CP: 1021

Galarian Yamask

  • Min CP: 387
  • Max CP: 420


  • Min CP: 319
  • Max CP: 350


  • Min CP: 258
  • Max CP: 285


  • Min CP: 401
  • Max CP: 435

All these research tasks are nice and simple to complete

The Galarian Yamask task is by far the best to get but is the rarest to find

Several tasks here give Spinarak as a reward which gives plenty of chances to get the rather desired Shiny.

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