Halloween Mischief part 1: Creepy Companions

Pokemon go halloween event part 1

The Halloween event in Pokemon GO this year is split into two parts. The entire event runs from Friday 15th October 2021 at 10am local time to Sunday 31st October 2021 at 8pm local time.

Part one of the event is called Creepy Companions. It runs from the 15th October at 10am local time to 22nd October at 10am local time.

Certain benefits will be available throughout the entire event whilst others will only run during each of the two parts.

For full details of part two check it out here

Benefits and Features throughout the entire event

The season of mischief story continues. The next stage of this season long research will be unlocked. Completing the entire research story will gain access to a special event at the end of season 9 that will have something to do with Hoopa.

New Special and Timed research will be available. Full details of this research can be found here.

Event Bonuses

Throughout the event there will be multiple bonuses active. There is some really useful ones that you should utilise to maximise the candy you get for the Pokemon spawning. The boosts active are

  • 2x Catch Candy
  • 2x Transfer Candy
  • 2x Hatch Candy
  • Guaranteed XL Candy walking with your buddy

A remix of the Lavender Town music from the Kanto region will play nightly during the event. Turn up your game volume to be able to hear it.

New Avatar items, stickers and in-store bundles

From October 14th 2021 at 1pm  PDT (GMT-7) the following avatar items will be available to buy, they will remain available after the event finishes too

  • Pikachu Pumpkin Head
  • Pumpkaboo Top
  • Pumpkaboo Pants
  • Hoppa Headband
  • Halloween Face Sticker

Halloween themed stickers will be available throughout the event by spinning Poke Stops, opening gifts and purchasing them from the in-game store.

The bundles in the store have changed for the event to the following

Creepy Crate (480 Coins)

  • 50 Poke Balls
  • 1 x Remote Raid Pass
  • 2x Super Incubators
  • 4x Incense

Boo Bundle (1480 Coins)

  • 16 x Premium Raid Passes
  • 8x Super Incubators
  • 4x Incense
  • 4x Star Pieces

Pumpkin Pack (1480 Coins)

  • 18x Super Incubators
  • 2x Regular Incubators
  • 4x Incense
  • 4x Star Piece
Halloween Boxes

Costumed Pokemon

During the entire event the following costume Pokemon will be spawning in the wild

  • Halloween Mischief Pikachu (Shiny Available)
  • Halloween Mischief Piplup (Shiny Available)
  • Halloween Mischief Drifblim (Shiny Available)

Halloween Mischief Drifblim can also be encountered as a reward in the GO battle league

Halloween Mischief Part 1: Creepy Companions

Above is full details of everything that happens throughout the entirety of the Halloween Mischief event, now we detail everything that happens specifically in part 1 of the event – Creepy Companions

The next part of the Season of mischief research story unlocks. Completing the full story will gain you access to a special event at the end of season 9. The research for this stage is

Stage 9

  • Make 3 nice curveball throws – 15x Slowpoke Candy
  • Transfer 30 Pokemon – Galarian Slowpoke encounter
  • Evolve one Slowpoke – 1990 XP


  • Shedinja encounter
  • 5x Max Potion
  • 40x Slowbro Mega energy

Stage 10

  • Claim reward – 720 x Stardust


  • 720 XP

Galarian Slowking

Galarian Slowking makes its Pokemon GO debut. You will be able to get Galarain Slowking by making a Galarian Slowpoke your buddy and catching 30 Psychic type Pokemon. Be sure to check you have the right silhouette active after you have done this before you hit evolve on the evolve page.

You will be able to evolve Galarain Slowpoke into Galarain Slowking even after the Halloween Mischief event is over


Wild Encounters

The following Pokemon will be appearing in the wild during part 1: Creep Companions

  • Halloween Mischief Pikachu (Shiny Available)
  • Zubat (Shiny Available)
  • Drowzee (Shiny Available)
  • Gastly (Shiny Available)
  • Spinarak (Shiny Available – for the first time in Pokemon GO)
  • Misdreavus (Shiny Available)
  • Shuppet (Shiny Available)
  • Halloween Mischief Piplup (Shiny Available)
  • Stunky
  • Woobat (Shiny Available)
  • Gothita
  • Yamask: Rare spawn (Shiny Available)


The following Pokemon will be available in Raids during part 1: Creepy Companions

One star raids

  • Galarian Slowpoke
  • Murkrow (Shiny Available)
  • Scraggy
  • Yamask (Shiny Available)
  • Espurr

Three star raids

  • Alolan Raichu (Shiny Available)
  • Sableye (Shiny Available)
  • Banette
  • Halloween Michief Drifblim (Shiny Available)

Five star raids

Mega raids

  • Mega Gengar (Shiny Available)


The following Pokemon can hatch out of 7KM eggs during part 1: Creepy Companions

Tier 1 rarity

  • Spinarak (Shiny Available)
  • Misdreavus (Shiny Available)
  • Shuppet (Shiny Available)
  • Chingling
  • Litwick

Tier 2 Rarity

  • Galarian Yamask
  • Golett

Field Research

Event specific Field research will be available. For full details on the Field research for the event check it out here.

As an overview you can encounter the following Pokemon amongst other rewards

  • Halloween Mischief Pikachu (Shiny Available)
  • Zubat (Shiny Available)
  • Drowzee (Shiny Available)
  • Spinarak (Shiny Available)
  • Woobat (Shiny Available)
  • Gothita
  • Halloween Mischief Piplup (Shiny Available)
  • Halloween Mischief Drifblim: Rare encounter (Shiny Available)
  • Galarian Yamask: Rare encounter

Thoughts on part 1 of the Halloween Mischief event: Creepy Companions

Part one features the introduction of Galarain Slowking. Its relatively simple to access as it just requires 30 Psychic caught when Galarian Slowpoke is your buddy. Galarian Slowking is a dual Poison & Psychic typing.

Yamask being in the wild is excellent as it means you’ll be able to catch lots to get a good one to evolve into Cofagrius which is excellent in the battle league after the season 9 move update.

Spinarak shiny releases for the first time in Pokemon GO and looks rather nice

Most of the new release Pokemon come in part two of the event which could frustrate players that have their Pokedex full but it provides something to look forward to after part one finishes.

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