How to beat Sierra in Pokemon GO -April 2022

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Sierra is one of the three team rocket GO leaders in Pokemon Go that you can encounter

In order to find her you’ll need to beat 6 rocket grunts to collect mysterious components to make a rocket radar or alternatively purchase a rocket radar directly from the in-game store for 200 coins.

Once you have the radar you can randomly encounter Sierra or one of the other rocket leaders from both rocket balloons and random pokestops located by activating and clicking on the rocket radar to find.

Its worth noting if you lose to Sierra you can rematch her as many times as needed with the same rocket radar so long as you dont back out from the match

Here is a comprehensive guide to how to beat Sierra and a breakdown of the team she can use. For guides on the other rocket leaders check out Cliff here and Arlo here.

For our guide on the rocket boss Giovanni find that here

Sierra potential team

Here is all the potential team combinations Sierra can use

Pokemon 1Pokemon 2 Pokemon 3
Drowzee (Psychic)Lapras (Water/Ice)Houndoom (Fire/Dark)
Blaziken (Fire/Fighting)Shiftry (Grass/Dark)
Sharpedo (Water/Dark)Nidoqueen (Poison/Ground)

Sierra’s first Pokemon will be Drowzee. Her second can be any of the Pokemon 2 and her third any of pokemon 3 in the table. All her team will be shadow Pokemon.

Your encounter will be with a shadow Drowzee when you beat her. There is a chance Drowzee can be a shiny

Advice to beat Sierra’s team

First and foremost, having something that generates charge moves quickly is essential to burn Sierra’s shields. The first two charge moves you use Sierra will shield.

Dragonite with Dragon breath (fast), Dragone Claw and Draco Meteor/Hurricane (Charged) Melmetal with Thundershock (fast), Rock slide and Superpower (Charged) and Tyranitar with Smackdown (Fast), Stone Edge and Crunch (Charged) is a solid generic team that charges moves fast and does well against all rocket grunts and leaders alike.

If your wanting a type specific team to beat Sierra then here is a good breakdown.

Pokemon 1

Sierra’s first Pokemon is Drowzee. This is pure Psychic type making it weak to Dark, Bug and Ghost. Pokemon that would be strong against it include

  • Tyranitar – Bite (fast) Crunch (charged)
  • Darkrai – Snarl (fast) Shadow ball (charged)
  • Giratina – Shadow claw (fast) Shadow ball (charged)
  • Weavile – Snarl (fast) Foul play (charged)

Pokemon 2

The second Pokemon can be one of Blaziken, Sharpedo or Lapras

Blaziken is a fire and fighting dual type meaning it is weak to psychic, flying, water and ground. Pokemon that would be strong against it include

  • Mewtwo – Psycho cut (fast) Psystrike (charged)
  • Moltres – Wing attack (fast) Sky attack (charged)
  • Kyogre – Waterfall (fast) Hydropump/Surf (charged)

Lapras is the most tanky second option Sierra could have. It is a dual water/ice typing meaning grass. electric, rock and fighting are effective against it. Pokemon that would be strong against it include

  • Melmetal – Thundershock (fast) Superpower/Rock slide (charged)
  • Kyogre – Waterfall (fast) Thunder (charged)
  • Machamp – Counter (fast) Rock slide/Cross chop (charged)
  • Thunderous (Therian) – Thundershock (fast) Thunderbolt (charged)

Sharpedo is a fragile pokemon that doesnt pose too much of a threat. Its a dual water/dark typing so grass and fighting are effective. Pokemon that would be strong against it include

  • Melmetal – Thundershock (fast) Superpower/Rock slide (charged)
  • Machamp – Counter (fast) Rock slide/Cross chop (charged)
  • Sceptile – Bullet seed (fast) Leaf blade (charged)

Pokemon 3

The final Pokemon can be one of Houndoom, Nidoqueen or Shiftry

Nidoqueen is dual Poison/Ground typing. It is weak to Ground, Ice, Water and Psychic. Pokemon that would be strong against it include

  • Mewtwo – Psycho cut (fast) Psystrike (charged)
  • Landerous (Therian) – Mud shot (fast) Earthquake (charged)
  • Excadrill – Mud slap (fast) Drill run (charged)
  • Kyogre – Waterfall (fast) Hydropump/Surf (charged)

Shiftry is dual grass/dark typing. It shares a similar bulk or rather a lack of as Sharpedo and as such is weak to fighting and fairy. Pokemon that would be strong against it include

  • Melmetal – Thundershock (fast) Superpower/Rock slide (charged)
  • Machamp – Counter (fast) Rock slide/Cross chop (charged)
  • Togekiss – Charm (fast) Rock slide/flamethrower (charged)
  • Sylveon – Charm (fast) Moonblast/psystrike (charged)

Houndoom is the strongest third Pokemon Sierra could have and is a dual fire/dark typing. Its weaknesses are fighting, water, ground and rock. Pokemon that would be strong against it include

  • Machamp – Counter (fast) Rock slide/Cross chop (charged)
  • Kyogre – Waterfall (fast) Hydropump/Surf (charged)
  • Rhyperior – Smackdown (fast) Surf/Rock wrecker (charged)
  • Swampert – Mud shot (fast) Hydro cannon (charged)
Cliff Sierra arlo

Final words

There is no one set team that is ideal as Pokemon 2 and 3 for Sierra are random so their is no way of knowing what team she will have without battling her first.

Having a team that can burn through her two shields as fast as possible is definitely going to give you the biggest advantage

All rocket battles, leaders and grunts dont hit you for two moves after either they shield, they hit you with a charge attack, you shield or you hit them with a charge move. Use this to your advantage when battling them as a way to store up extra energy on charge hits or avoid being hit two much

If in doubt make sure your Pokemon are powered up as high as you can manage and where possible ensure they have two charge movee unlocked to give you the most variety in battle

Potentially this rotation Sierra could be the hardest of the three leaders depending on the team she uses. Lapras and Houndoom would provide a much tougher battle due to their tankyness and hard hitting respectively. Equally sharpedo and shifty provides the complete opposite; an easy squish as the team severely lacks bulk.

Shadow Drowzee is probably the best of the three shadows to get especially given hypno’s success in the battle league

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