How to rank Guns up FAST in Vanguard

call of duty vanguard weapon XP

In any Call of Duty game ranking up weapons is one of the most challenging tasks. Weapons often require multiple attachments to perform at their best and levelling them up is needed to be competitive.

Failing to level up a weapon can leave you at a big disadvantage and cause you to lose gunfights you wouldn’t of otherwise lost.

In this article we will discuss the best ways to level up your guns in CoD Vanguard to give you advantages over others players you face.

1. Get as many kills as possible

The first tip is probably the most obvious. The more people you kill, the more XP for the weapon that kills them so kill as many opponents per match as you can

2. Utilise smaller map playlists

This point ties into the first point about getting as many kills as possible. Playing on playlists that only have smaller maps means faster action and more gunfights which will naturally result in more kills. Das Haus 24/7 is an example of a playlist to take advantage. In addition to this on November 17th the historic fan favouirte Shipment returns which is one of the fastest pace maps ever in a Call of Duty game. playing these playlists will help to maximise how fast you can rank up your weapons

3. Combat Pacing

If playing specific playlists isnt for you and you’d rather stick to a certain game mode, adjusting the combat pacing you play on is another way to increase the amount of kills you can get and hence the weapon XP. Blitz combat pacing is the fastest speed and will result in the most players being in any single game meaning more interactions and more kills

4. Objective game modes

Typically objective game modes last longer than modes such as team deathmatch. They also dont have a kill restriction or limit meaning there is potential to get more kills and hence more weapon XP. Unfortunately you dont get any weapon XP for capping an objective whilst using a particular weapon.

5. Double Weapon XP tokens

This tip is really self explanatory. If you have Double Weapon XP tokens in Vanguard equip them to get the 2x boost. Others have tested tokens from previous games (Warzone and Cold war) and have reported that equipping tokens in those games then switching to Vanguard gives an increased boost although not quite a double XP boost, even though the token doesnt show anywhere as active within the game

6. Join a Clan

Joining a clan is another way to get an XP boost for your weapon. In fact it gives a boost for everything… general XP, weapon, operator. Clans are something that used to be in Call of Duty years back before being removed and now making a return. Joining a clan then playing in a game with a clan member rewards a 10% XP boost for everything including weapon XP so it really does pay to play with friends in Call of Duty Vanguard

7. Operators

In Vanguard, all operators have a “favourite weapon” listed. Using the weapon and operator that has that favurite weapon listed will reward you with a 10% weapon XP boost. This is basically free XP just for picking the correct operator. Unfortunately not every weapon will have an operator attached to it (as of writing this at least) but for the weapons that does it makes total sense to use the corresponding operator

8. Surplus weapon kit

As one of the many attachments in Vanguard, the Surplus weapon attachment can be found in the Kit section. Equipping this will give you a massive 20% XP boost for everything including weapon XP. This is another really easy way of loading up on weapon XP. The Surplus kit attachment doesnt really have too many other compeititors in that category to make it hard to pick

9. Zombies

This tip is a bit of a bonus tip, but if your struggling to level up guns in multiplayer where others are actively shooting at you it can be challenging especially for certain guns and if you have no attachments unlocked. If this is the case then playing zombies can be a more quiet and easier way to level up a difficult to use weapon at least until you have enough attachments unlocked to make it viable. Multiplayer might be a faster route but zombies can be a less stressful experience especially for guns that are hard to use and with no attachments

All of these tips can be stackable which means if you run the correct attachment with the corresponding operator whilst playing in a clan with a clanmate and run a double weapon XP token, you can sit at almost “triple XP” in terms of accumulated boost.

These tips are a solid way of leveling your weapons up as fast as possible.

If there is any other tips you have to level up weapons as fast as possible leave them in the comment section below.

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