How to unlock the Vargo 52 Assault rifle in Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone

Vargo 52

With the second season of Call of Duty Vanguard well underway, support for Cold War is still very much active.

Into its second year of life now, a new update on March 4th has brought a new Weapon and Map to Call of Duty Cold War.

The new weapon is the Vargo 52 Assault rifle described as having “good damage mid-range with a fast fire rate” It is relatively low recoil as well as being a fully auto weapon.

The new map is a fan favourite from the original Black Ops, that map has had its release delayed now until “a future update”

Vargo 52

How to unlock the Vargo 52

There are three ways to unlock the Vargo 52

Cold war Multiplayer

The first method to unlock it is in Cold War multiplayer. To do this you need to get 1000 damage in 15 different completed matches using assault rifles.

This challenge is relatively straightforward and should require about 10-15 kills per match to achieve (based on logic of getting kills on lor health players too)

You must ensure you play a match to its completion in order to have that game register towards the challenge

Cold War Zombies

The second method is in Cold War Zombies. To do this you need to eliminate 750 enemies whilst using an Assault rifle that has been pack-a-punched three times.

This is another easy challenge to complete and could easily be done in one game of Zombies if you get pack-a-punched early enough in the game

In game Store

The third and final method is via the in-game store. The Vargo 52 weapon blueprint can be brought in the Tracer pack: Fury Reactive Mastercraft bundle. It will give the Ferrofluid weapon blueprint for the Vargo 52

This bundle is live in the in-game store from March 4th in Cold War and Warzone and is an 8 item bundle that also includes two other weapon blueprints, a charm, a calling card, sticker, reticle and a gesture.

On a side note if you purchase this bundle you’ll only have the attachments within the blueprint. To get all the other attachments for the Vargo 52 you’ll have to complete the unlock challenge

To access the gun In Warzone, it will be available as soon as one of the three above methods of obtaining it have been achieved.

Will you be using the Vargo 52 in Cold War and/or Warzone?!

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