Huge October 2022 Clash Royale Update

clash royale october update

The biggest update yet is coming to Clash Royale.

Released on the 26th October 2022, the biggest update of the year will bring a host of new updates and changes to Clash Royale.

This article will give a breakdown of everything in the new update

Path of Legends

The path of legends completely replaces the old league system on the trophy road. It consists of 10 leagues, with a hall of fame in the final league containing the best players in the world

League and level cap

The path of legends is unlocked once you reach Arena 15 at 5000 trophies. You can find it by tapping the icon next to the battle button on the main screen.

Each league is level capped which means cards and tower power can not go above a certain level defined by the league you are in

The party button is now available from the top right button on the main screen

Climbing the path

Each win in the path of legends will climb you another step towards the next league. There are two types of steps

A stone step and a gold step

stone step and golden step

Stone steps break after each loss and send you back down a step, Golden steps do not break so once you’ve reached a golden step you wont lose progress even if you lose a battle

You cannot go back down to a previous league through losing once you reach a new league

Ultimate Champion

The ultimate champion league is the top league. In this league players are awarded a rating based on the number of wins and losses they accumulated on the journey to the top league starting from master II

This rating evolves based on win-loss rating and will reset with each ranked season.

The best 10,000 players will be awarded a rank and enter the hall of fame. From this the top 1000 players will appear in the global leaderboard, displayed at the end of the path of legends

Ranked season reset

At the end of each ranked season, all players will have to restart their journey through the path of legends

Based on your season finish you will receive a win multiplier that will help you progress to where you were before the reset. The win multiplier will decrease after each battle you win


There will be rewards for players that compete in ranked mode

Some rewards will be one-time rewards (displayed on the left of the path) and some will refresh after each season reset (displayed on the right of the path)

Here is another table from the clash royale blog that shows the win multiplers 

clash royale ranked mode

Trophy road rework

With the path of legends becoming a new feature, the trophy road has been adjusted slightly.

The trophy road now stops at 7500 trophies and will NOT reset at the start of a season. You will be able to earn trophies, visit new arenas and collect one-time rewards on the way. Once you reach the end of the trophy road you will not win (or lose) any more trophies, but you’ll still be able to play in it earning chests and victory gold without fear of losing anything!

There will be an additional 6 arenas on the trophy road, where chest content and victory gold will scale up. The higher you are the more rewards you will earn

Level gates and Trophy floors

All arenas on the trophy road will now have level gates meaning you’ll need enough experience and upgraded king level in order to access them

All arenas will have trophy floors meaning once you reach a new arena, you wont be able to go back to the previous one

Champion unlocks

Champions are now available for players on the trophy road starting at 5500 trophies (Arena 16, king level 33)

This chart from the clash royal blog shows what level you need to be to access each champion for unlocking it

champion levels

New Cards

Two brand new cards are coming these are:


The Monk is a brand new champion card, making it the fifth champion in Clash Royale. It is a 4 energy card that is unlocked on the trophy road at 6500 trophies.

The Monk unleashes a powerful 3 hit combo that pushes enemies back on he final hit. The final super-punch includes a pushback which deals extra damage to every affected unit (unlike the Log)

Its Special ability allows it to create a protective aura around himself and nearby allies, reducing damage taken and reflecting any projectile that comes his way (this includes rockets)

monk card clash royale


The Phoenix is a new legendary card, that’s a flying unit with melee attacks. It is a 4 energy card. Once defeated it explodes into a fiery fire that deals area damage to nearby units and buildings before retreating into a Phoenix egg.

If the egg is not destroyed in time, the Phoenix will be reborn at full hit points. This can only happen once per deployment though

phoenix card clash royale

King Level Rework

In this update, the King level will now become separate to your crown tower level and will now go up to level 50

The maximum crown tower level, now called Tower Power will still be 14 and applies to both the King and Princess towers. Card level remains the same and is still level 14 as the max level.

King level 14 players will receive ALL the experience they have accumulated whilst at max level

There will be rewards for each king level level up so will give more frequent rewards, and having a larger number of king levels should allow for some better matchmaking

Here is a table showing the old and new King levels pulled directly from the Clash Royale blog

Deck Explorer

A brand new deck explorer will help you find new decks to use. Found in the deck builder section next to the mastery button. It gives deck suggestions based on your card level and what works in your current arena level.

You can include or exclude cards to help form decks depending on which cards you like using

Hoggy Bank

The Hoggy Bank is a paid feature that will appear In the home screen from time to time holding either gold or gems

When you earn gold whilst the Hoggy bank is active, you will receive additional Gold (exact amount varies) that can be stored in the Hoggy bank. You will be able to break the bank for a price to claim what’s inside it

New Magic Items

The Following new magic items are being released into the game

  • Champion Wild card – can be used to help upgrade any champion
  • Champion Chest – chance to get a champion
october balance changes 2

Card Mastery

A third tier of Mastery has been unlocked for the following cards meaning their total card mastery can reach level 10

  • Bowler
  • Valkyrie
  • Mini Pekka
  • Graveyard
  • Baby Dragon
  • Hog Rider
  • Fire Spirit
  • Dart Goblin
  • Firecracker
  • Flying Machine

Balance changes

The following cards received a balance change in this update


  • Hitpoints increased (3%)


  • Goblin Count increased (3>4)
  • First hit speed decreased (slower 0.2> 0.4 sec)

Hit speed change affects goblins in Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel and Goblin Drill


  • Will now be greyed out (unusable to play next) directly after playing a champion

Daily tasks

Daily tasks are available on the home screen and give rewards for completing certain objectives daily. Each day there are three tasks to complete and each task can be completed simultaneously. When all the daily tasks are completed you get the daily bonus

When a new day starts unclaimed rewards will remain and new daily tasks are available once the previous ones are claimed

Getting a daily bonus every day in a week will earn a weekly bonus which will give improved rewards

Here is a chart from the clash royale blog showing the daily task rewards

Bug Fixes and Improvements

A range of bug fixes and improvements were also made in this update.

For full details of what these where, check out that article here

Thoughts on this update

This is the biggest update of 2022 and possibly ever in Clash Royale

There is so many new changes that look to hopefully improve the game for the better. The fact that now the trophy road doesn’t reset at the end of the season will give everyone a much better chance at eventually climbing towards the new max of 7500 trophies (although this will be an incredibly demanding task)

The Path to legend will give players a chance to grind for a chance to appear on the leaderboard, and may make it more acheiveable for players that dont have a totally maxed set of cards with certain limitations being added to card levels in certain leagues

The Deck explorer looks like an excellent addition as a feature and could help intermediate players make more competitive decks with cards they enjoy using

The two new cards both look to be interesting, and we will have to wait and see how they fit into the meta.

The access to Champion cards for anyone who’s new king level 33 is a major step and makes the powerful champions more accessible to players now

What are your thoughts on the new update?!

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