July 2022 overview in Pokemon GO

July research breakthrough

Details of the events happening for the month of July (2022) in Pokemon GO have been released

In this article we will cover everything that has been released to date for July

Month of July

First and foremost to carry on the Pokemon GO fest experience, there first two of three in person GO fests events are happening. These are taking place at:

  • Berlin: July 1st-3rd
  • Seattle: July 22nd -24th

Community Day

The Community day for July will take place on Sunday 17th July, from 11-2pm then like Deino day will have in person only raids from 2-7pm

The featured Pokemon will be Starly and the Community day move will be the fast move Gust. 3x catch XP will be the predominant boost. For full details on the July community day click here

Upcoming events

The following events have been announced for July:

  • Pokemon GO Anniversary event: 6th-12th July (Full event details here)
  • ??? Event: 27th July-2nd August yet to fully be announced but will feature new Pokemon


The following Pokemon will be appearing in raids either 5 star or Mega:

PokemonDate5* or MegaShiny chance
Articuno 1st-7th July5*Yes
Zapdos7th-14th July5*Yes
Moltres14th-22nd July5*Yes
Dialga22nd-31st July5*Yes
Mega Charizard X1st-7th JulyMegaYes
Mega Charizard Y7th-14th JulyMegaYes
Mega Pidgeot14th-22nd JulyMegaYes
Mega Gengar22nd-31st JulyMegaYes
All raid rotations start and finish at 10am local time

Raid Hours

The Raid hours for July will as always take place on Wednesdays between 6 and 7pm local time. The raid hours will be:

  • July 6th: Articuno
  • July 13th Zapdos
  • July 20th Moltres
  • July 27th Dialga

All of these Pokemon have the chance to be shiny

Research Breakthrough

The Pokemon appearing in the research breakthrough (when you achieve a 7 day streak for completing a field research task daily) will be Lickitung. There is a chance it can be shiny and it will be appearing in the research breakthrough from July 1st till August 1st

Spotlight Hours

The following Pokemon will be spotlight hour Pokemon in July

  • Ledyba
  • Machop
  • Staryu
  • Meditite

For full details on the Spotlight hours for July check out that article here

Thoughts on the month of July

Lickitung in research breakthroughs in one im personally happy to see as that is a favourite Pokemon of mine

The 5* raids for July are good without being outstanding. They are certainly better than the first 5 months of the year

Dialga will be the on to raid to get the XL candy for the master league, Articuno also has some decent play in the Ultra league

The Spotlight hours are good without being outstanding like the raids

Whats your thoughts on the month of July in Pokemon GO?!

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