July Spotlight hours 2022 in Pokemon GO

Staryu Pokémon go

The spotlight hours for July 2022 have been announced

 Here is a breakdown of the Spotlight hours and the boosts that come with them

Spotlight hours

PokemonDateSpotlight BoostShiny chance
LedybaJuly 5th2x XP for catchingYes
MachopJuly 12th2x Catch CandyYes
StaryuJuly 19th2x XP for TransferringYes
MedititeJuly 26th2x XP for EvolvingYes

Thoughts on the spotlight hours for July

Machop is the standout Pokemon for spotlight hours this month, especially with the 2x catch candy boost.

Catching loads then trading with a friend will allow you to get a fully evolved Machamp for only 25 Candies

Meditite is ideal for anyone wanting to get the XL candies to get an optimum Great league Medicham

Evolution XP is easily the best boost in the month for gaining XP (if you want to know the cheapest Pokemon to evolve check that out here)

All spotlight Pokemon in July have the chance to be shiny

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