June 2022 Content overview in Pokemon GO

June 2022 pokemon go

The month of June is going to be a busy one in Pokemon go with easily the most exciting raid bosses to date in 2022.

Here is an overview of everything coming in the month of June (2022) that has been released to date.

Season of Go

With the start of June comes the start of a brand new season: the season of GO. The season starts at 10am local time and finishes 9:59am local time on September 1st. For a full breakdown of the season of Go check it out here

Pokemon GO fest 2022

This years global GO fest event takes place on June 4th and 5th (with a finale event also happening at the end of August). The Mythical Pokemon Shaymin will be making its debut appearance in Pokemon GO for the first time during this event.

Go fest 2022

XL candy

Starting with the season of GO, trainers from level 31 will be able to earn XL candy rather than needing to be the previous level 40 vefore being able to gain access to this feature. This is a pretty positive update and means lower level trainers will be able to work towards achieving stronger Pokemon which will help with both Raiding and PvP play.

Upcoming events

At the time of writing this no further details have been announced, but the following events have been scheduled:

  • Adventure week from Tuesday June 7th until Sunday June 12th where the focus will be fossils and rock type Pokemon
  • Pokemon TCG crossover event from Thursday June 16th until Thursday June 30th where there will be a collaboration event with the Pokemon Trading card game.


The following Pokemon will be in raids

PokemonDateRaid TypeShiny
Kyogre1st – 7th June5* RaidYes
Groudon7th – 16th June5* RaidYes
(with charge move
shadow ball)
16th – 23rd June5* RaidYes
(with charged move
23rd – 1st July5* RaidYes
Mega Steelix1st – 7th JuneMega RaidYes
Mega Aerodactyl7th – 16th JuneMega RaidYes
Mega Venusaur16th – 23rd JuneMega RaidYes
Mega Blastoise23rd – 1st JulyMega RaidYes
All raid rotations start and end at 10am local time

The Raids this month are really good and easily the best on offer in 2022 to date. All of the 5* raids are fan favourite Pokemon and some of the strongest in the game with mega/primal forms yet to come.

The mega Pokemon are less appealing especially with Blastoise being recycled from last month, but mega Steelix in particular is a welcome addition

Kyogre and Groudon

Raid Hours

The raid hours for June look really good and well worth investing time and effort into. The raid hours are as follows:

  • June 1st – Kyogre
  • June 8th – Groudon
  • June 15th – Groudon
  • June 22nd – Mewtwo (with shadow ball charge move)
  • June 29th – Mewtwo (with Psystrike charge move)

Research Breakthrough

From Wednesday June 1st 2022 at 1pm PDT till Friday July 1st 2022 at 1pm PDT the research breakthrough Pokemon will be Klink, There is a chance klink can be shiny.

This really isn’t a great research breakthrough Pokemon to be honest and follows a trend of somewhat uninspiring research breakthrough Pokemon recently.

Mega Steelix

Spotlight Hours

The Spolight hours for June are as follows

NosepassJune 7th2x Catch candyYes
MantineJune 14th2x Transfer candyYes
SpinarakJune 21st2x XP for evolvingYes
UnannouncedJune 28th???Yes

The spotlight hours look a little bit unimpressive on the face of it.

2x evolution XP is the best boost and im pleased to see it return this month its just a shame that its paired with the best spotlight Pokemon as shiny spinarak is one of the better shinies and well worth hunting for.

The best Spotlight Pokemon usually gets paired with the evolution XP boost as it did in May when it was paired with Magikarp

What is your thoughts on the month of June (2022) in Pokemon GO?

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