Making the best deck in Clash Royale

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Making a good deck in Clah Royale is fundamental to having success 

Clash royale decks are made up fundamentally of three types of cards:

  • Troop Cards – Troop cards are units that will directly attack your opponents cards/towers
  • Spell Cards – Spell cards take effect immediately and can be used offensively or defensively
  • Building Cards – Building cards place down mini buildings that can be used on offence or defence and often release troops as well

Having a mixture of some or all of these types of cards will help form balanced decks to give you the best chance of success.

How to build a good deck in Clash royale

Building a good deck requires lots of factors to be considered. In this article we will look at what makes a good deck and what needs to be considered

Card unlocks

All cards in Clash Royale need to be unlocked. In order to unlock them you have to reach certain arena levels. You do this by earning a certain amount of trophies. To see the arena levels and how to get to them check that article here

Having all the cards unlocked is the first point to consider when making certain decks, if you only have a limited selection of cards unlocked your deck possibilities will be reduced

Offence vs Defence

All troops in Clash Royale have an offensive capability, however balancing offence vs defence is important to give you the best chance of winning and creating a balanced deck.

Certain cards will be more attack minded such as the Balloon whereas cards like the Cannon are more defence minded. Learning how the cards you pick operate best will give you can advantage in battle and allow you to utilise them to their full potential 

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Covering Ground and Air

Cards can attack from either the ground or the air, or in some cases both. Having cards in your deck that attack from ground and air is important to add variety to your own arsenal.

It is equally if not more important to have some forms of counter to both options at your defence. If your deck is only capable of defending vs ground attacks, you will encounter struggles vs players with predominantly air based decks such as lavaloon decks.

Having ways to counter both forms of decks (air and ground) will give you the best versatility

Elixir efficiency

Elixir is the currency in which the game runs. Every card has an elixir cost to use and being efficient with your elixir is the number one requirement to success.

Elixir generates automatically on a timer which speeds up as a match progresses, being efficient with your elixir and using your cards wisely will mean you always have elixir ready to counter what your opponent has to throw 

In the most simplest terms Clash Royale is all about trying to make your opponent use their elixir when they don’t want to whilst conserving yours to make sure you always have enough to be playing cards

4 Elixir rule

As a general rule of thumb, trying to build a deck that costs 4 elixir or less is the optimal. Having decks that cost an average of more than 4 elixir will limit your ability to play cards and you’ll need a higher skill level in order to manage your elixir efficiently 

Having decks that cost more than an average of 4 elixir often means a lot of downtime where you’ll have times in a match you don’t have the elixir to play the cards you want to play. This could lead to troubles vs lower cost cycle decks 

This isn’t to say that higher elixir decks don’t work, but they just require a higher level of skill to manage the increased elixir costs associated with them.

Types of decks in Clash Royale

Predominantly decks in Clash Royale can be categorised into one of five groups

  • Control deck – This type of deck looks to counter opponents by controlling their elixir. This can give you the advantage with troops and overall elixir
  • Beatdown deck – This is a heavy hitting deck as the name suggests. It utilises heavy hitting cards like Golem and Pekka with support cards to reinforce. The aim is to overpower a tower and build from there
  • Bait deck – This type of deck tries to get your opponent to play according to your strategy by baiting them into playing cards that will leave them at a disadvantage
  • Siege deck – This type of deck isn’t as common and goes for win conditions that involve building cards. Examples of Siege decks are Mortar and X-bow decks
  • Cycle deck – This type of deck has a low average elixir cost and usually only one win condition. As the name suggests you play to cycle your win condition as frequently as possible

Most decks fall into one of these categories but there is some flexibility when categorising a deck

Keeping these categories in mind can help when creating an optimal deck

Play style

Every player that plays Clash Royale has a different play style. Some players like an all-out offensive style where they keep playing aggressively to try and force pressure on the opponent

Others like a more defensive minded style where they take time to learn the opponents card cycle and use that knowledge to counter attack

Finding a play style that works for you will help when creating a deck that will work to your advantage

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Win Condition

Regardless of the style of deck you choose, you’ll need to make sure you have at least one win condition within your deck. Your win condition is a card or multiple cards that your deck is built around with the intention of winning you the game.

Think about the META

The Meta (Most efficient tactics available) is the most commonly used cards that typically have the most success. With every update and season change, the Meta evolves and changes. Keeping up to date with the Meta can allow you to create decks that counter the most popular Meta cards that your likely to encounter on a common basis.

Card rarities

Every card has a rarity level and the rarer the card the harder it is to level up. Decks made up predominantly from legendary cards will be naturally harder to level up that decks made up predominantly common/uncommon cards.


Since the introduction of champions, they have become a stable in many decks. They are significantly stronger than the average card and each champion has a special ability they can activate periodically for an elixir cost.

 Personally the Golden Knight is my favourite and the one I would recommend even after its recent nerf in the August 2022 balance change.


This article has a lot to think about when making a good deck in Clash Royale. Trying to take these tips into consideration will result in much better decks being made and therefore your chance of winning improving

If your still struggling with building your optimal deck, Clash Royale now has an in-game deck builder feature that you can use to select certain cards and it will generate a deck around those cards. This can be a good starting point

It is however important to remember, that even though there is a Meta, no one set deck works for everyone as everyone’s playstyle is different. Finding out the style of play that works for you and the cards that work best for your playstyle is the most fundamental way to building the best deck for you 

Leave a comment below with the deck that works best for you!

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