Mega Kangaskhan raid guide

Mega Kangaskhan

Mega Kangaskhan is a Normal type Mega Pokemon that used to be regional but is currently available worldwide whilst in Mega Raids

There is a chance that Mega Kangaskhan can be shiny

Its Mega Energy costs are:

  • First evolution – 200 mega energy
  • Subsequent evolutions – 40 mega energy
  • Mega energy earned per candy while buddy – 15 mega energy


It has mega stats of:

HP 233

Defence 210

Attack 246

Mega Kangaskhan is a Normal type Pokemon. It has one weakness. This is Fighting.

Its Raid boss CP is 47948

Its catch CP ranges are:

  • 2112-2200
  • Weather boosted: 2640-2750

Mega Kangaskhan is weather boosted by Partly Cloudy weather


Mega Kangaskhan has 2 fast moves and 6 charge moves

Its fast moves are:

  • Low Kick (Fighting)
  • Mud Slap (Ground)

Its charge moves are:

  • Power Up Punch (Fighting)
  • Crunch (Dark)
  • Earthquake (Ground)
  • Outrage (Dragon)
  • Stomp (Normal: legacy move)
  • Brick Break (Fighting: Legacy move)

Counters to Mega Kangaskhan

Fighting is the type that Mega Kangaskhan is weak too therefore anything possessing this typing/move sets will be effective.

Here are some of the most effective counters and the movesets to go with:

PokemonFast moveCharged move
Shadow MachampCounterDynamic Punch
LucarioCounterAura Sphere
Shadow HariyamaCounterDynamic Punch
MachampCounterDynamic Punch
BreloomCounterDynamic Punch
ConkeldurrCounterDynamic Punch

Some other effective options would be: Terrakion, Hariyama, Machamp, Mega Lopunny, Shaodw Alakazam and Shadow Mewtwo

Thoughts on Mega Kangaskhan

Its nice that a once regionally locked Pokemon is now available globally in Mega Raids

Kangaskhan has a somewhat varied moveset with up to 6 charged moves although two are legacy and will require an Elite charged TM to access if you don’t already have the move

Kangaskhan being a normal typing Mega isnt going to be outstanding but it will serve a purpose and be especially useful for getting extra boosts when catching Normal type Pokemon thanks to the new revamped Mega system

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