November Content update 2022

november content 2022

Details for the contents of Pokemon GO in November 2022 have been announced

In this article we will break down everything that is coming in November that Niantic has announced so farĀ 

Research Breakthrough

The Research breakthrough for November is Starmie.

This will be active from November 1st 2022 until December 1st 2022

Spotlight Hours

The following Pokemon will be in the Spotlight Hours for November

Each Spotlight hour will last from 6-7pm local time

PokemonBoostDateShiny Chance
Duskull wearing
a cempasuchil crown
2x StardustNov 1styes
Croagunk2x Catch XPNov 8thyes
Porygon2x Catch CandyNov 15thyes
Petilil2x Transfer CandyNov 22ndno
Hoothoot2x Evolution XPNov 29thyes
origin forme Giratina


The following events will take place in November

EventStart dateEnd date
Dia de MuertosNovember 1stNovember 3rd
Dratini Community Day
November 5thNovember 5th
Greedy Gluttons eventNovember 9thNovember 17th
Team GO Rocket TakeoverNovember 14thNovember 17th
Teddiursa Community Day November 12thNovember 12th
Elite RaidsNovember 13thNovember 13th
Safari Zone: SingaporeNovember 18thNovember 20th
Astral Exclipse eventNovember 23rdNovember 28th
???November 27thNovember 27th


There is a lot of different raids going on in November with each individual event bringing their own Pokemon to raids, here we will look at the raids that will take place throughout November regardless of any events going on

PokemonRaid typeDateShiny chance
Giratina Origin Forme5*oct 27th – Nov 8thYes
Guzzlord5*Nov 8th – Nov 23rdNo
Nihilego5*Nov 23rd – Dec 1stNo
Mega BanetteMegaOct 20th – Nov 8thYes
Mega GyradosMegaNov 8th – Nov 23rdYes
Mega HoundoomMegaNov 23rd – Dec 1stYes
Hoopa UnboundElite raidNov 13thNo
Start/End 10am local time

Raid Hours

The following Pokemon will be appearing for raid hours in November.

Each raid hour takes place on Wednesday from 6-7pm local time

  • Nov 2nd – Giratina Origin Forme
  • Nov 9th – Guzzlord
  • Nov 16th – Guzzlord
  • Nov 23rd – Nihilego
  • Nov 30th – Nihilego

Thoughts on November Content

The content announced for November is a little bit hit and miss

Certain returning raid monsters would be better replaced with Pokemon either not seen before or that havent been in the game for a long time

Mega Gyrados only has a raid day not long ago so having that back in Mega raids is a bit of a waste for most players

Nihilego has featured lots in recent months and therefore again is a waste to many players where a rarer, better Pokemon would be a better option to fill that slot

The team GO Rocket invasion is an excellent addition to the events this month and will allow players to TM away frustration to utilise their shadow Pokemon

Having an evolution XP spotlight hour is excellent as that is easily the best boost available in spotlight events for gaining XP

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