November Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO

November spotlight hours

The Spotlight hours for November are here

Spotlight hours take place every Tuesday at 6pm local time and lasts for one hour. These spotlight hours are usually accompanied by an in-game boost such as double catch XP or double catch Stardust to make these mini events much more appealing.

The Spotlight hours for November are as follows:

PokemonDateSpotlight BoostShiny/No Shiny
CacneaNovember 2nd2x Catch CandyNo Shiny
ChinchouNovember 9th2x Transfer CandyShiny available
TurtwigNovember 16th2x Catch StardustShiny available
ChimcharNovember 23rd2x Catch XPShiny available
PiplupNovember 30th2x Catch CandyShiny available
Shiny Chimchar

Thoughts on November Spotlight hours

This months selection of Pokemon for spotlight hours is interesting. Starter Pokemon are always a good selection. Piplup in particular is a handy pick especially for the Ultra league in the Battle league as its evolution Empoleon

Chinchou’s evolution Lanturn has some play in some great league formats which could make getting a good one worthwhile

Unfortunately this month there is no 2x evolution XP, which is a personal favourite spotlight boost of mine.

Cacnea is the only one of the five Pokemon that doesn’t have a Shiny available (as of writing this)

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