October 2022 Balance changes in Clash Royale

Clash royale October balance changes

The October 2022 balance changes for Clash Royale have been announced

These changes are live in the game for the new October 2022 season

Here is an overview of the new balance changes

Buffs (increases)

Goblin Gang

  • Spear Goblins count: Increased (2 > 3)

A third spear Goblin will now be part of the Goblin Gang

Elixir Golem

  • Attack speed: Increased (+15% all forms)

The hit speed of all three forms has been increased making it more effective when at towers etc

Nerfs (decreases)


  • Hitpoints: Decreased (-8%)

Cannon Cart

  • Hitpoints (of destroyed form): Decreased (-8%)

Both Cannon cards have had their hitpoints reduced making them slightly more fragile

Royal Hogs

  • First hit: Decreased (-60% slower)

The first hit has been slowed considerably to make the Royal Hogs less of an immediate threat

Mighty Miner

  • Hitpoints: Decreased (-8%)

The Mighty Miner has had its hitpoints reduced to make it a little more fragile than it previously was


  • Hitpoints: Decreased (-7%)

The Mortar has also had its hitpoints reduced to make it more fragile than it previously was

Barbarian Hut

  • Elixir cost: Decreased (7 > 6)
  • Spawn speed: Decreased (11sec > 15 sec)
  • Spawn count: Increased (2 > 3)
  • Lifetime: Decreased (40sec > 30 sec)
  • Spawn on Death: Decreased (Barbarian x2 > Barbarian x1)
  • Total Barbarians spawned: Decreased (10 > 8)

The Barbarian Hut was for a long time the worst card in the game. This update has totally reworked it in order to try and give it a bit more “play” within the game.

This update has attempted to “encourage more aggressive plays with the Barbarian Hut by removing its defensive potential though various changes, while providing more value if it stays untouched” according to supercell

This update isn’t as drastic as the August update, although several big meta cards have received a shake up which could force changes to player decks.

What are your thoughts on these balance changes ?

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