October spotlight hours 2021 in Pokemon GO

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The Spotlight hours for October are here

Spotlight hours take place every Tuesday at 6pm local time and lasts for one hour. These spotlight hours are usually accompanied by an in-game boost such as double catch XP or double catch Stardust to make these mini events much more appealing.

The Spotlight hours for October are as follows

5th October 2021: Drifloon – The boost for this spotlight is double XP for evolving

This boost is handy for maximising your XP when evolving your team


12th October 2021: Gastly – The boost for this spotlight is double catch stardust

This might be the most useful boost of all offered in the October spotlight hours given how valuable stardust is within Pokemon Go. This boost combined with a star piece item gives trainers 300 stardust per catch on a first evolution pokemon.

19th October 2021: Gothita – The boost for this spotlight is double catch XP

This is a valuable boost for players looking to gain fast XP. Adding a lucky egg will turn the boost into a 4x catch XP event

Gothita Pokemon

26th October 2021: Murkrow – The boost for this spotlight is double XP for evolving

Like the Drifloon spotlight hour this boost is good for maximising your XP when evolving your Pokemon. Saving up things to evolve fo this event will make your levelling up twice as fast.

Thoughts on the October Spotlight hours

Personally this month I am happy with the selection of Pokemon for the spotlight hours. Others that have played the game for a long time might not be as pleased with the chosen Pokemon.

The spotlight hour for Drifloon will be excellent for getting a good IV Drifloon to then trade lucky and/or turn into Drifblim which is an excellent option for both the Great and Ultra leagues in the PvP battle league. The ultra league Drifblim requires a lot of XL candy so this spotlight hour is a good chance to try and earn some of that.

Gastly is another nice spotlight hour as Gengar is a solid Ghost option that can also be a handy pick in certain battle league formats. The double catch stardust makes this spotlight hour a desirable one to take part in

There is two evolution XP bonuses in the October spotlight events which means several other boosts miss out this month. Unlike in the August and September spotlight months, there is no 2x catch candy and no 2x transfer candy bonuses which isn’t ideal. Having a 2x transfer candy event straight after the Duskull community day would have been useful to transfer excess Duskull and maximse the candy from that.

Whats your thoughts on the Pokemon selected for October’s spotlight hours?

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