Roggenrola Community day – September 2022

Roggenrola community day

September’s community day features Roggenrola. The shiny will be available as always with community days

In a change up to recent events, this community day will take place from 2pm-5pm local time instead of the usual 11am-2pm local time

Roggenrola community day

Here is everything in the September 2022 community day

Event bonuses

  • ¼ egg hatch distance
  • 2x candy for catching Pokemon
  • 2x chance of receiving XL candy from catching Pokemon (if trainer level 31 or up)
  • One additional special trade for maximum of two in the day (between 2pm-10pm)
  • Incense activated during the event will last 3 hours
  • Lure modules activated during the event will last 3 hours
  • Surprises from snapshots (roggenrola encounters)
  • Trades made between 2pm-10pm will require 50% less stardust

Community day special research story

As usual for community days a special research story is available to buy or gift for $1 US or equivalent currency value. The research story will be called Rock ‘n’ Roll

Featured Attack

Evolving Boldore during the event or up to five hours after to get a Gigalith that knows Meteor Beam

Meteor Beam is a charged move that does:

  • Trainer battles: 120 power
  • Gyms and Raids: 140 power

Bonus raid battles

As has become the norm, additional 4* raid battles will take place for 5 hours after the community day “ends” from 5pm-10pm 

These raid battles require you to be in person to complete, remote raid passes cannot be used. Completing these raids will spawn Roggenrola around the gym withing a 300 meter radius for 30 minutes for anyone wanting additional spawns 

Roggenrola stickers


As usual event themed stickers can acquired from gifts, spinning stops and purchasing in the in-game store

Thoughts on this community day

Roggenrola is a good Pokemon and a nice choice to have as a community day

The effectiveness of Meteor Beam will depend on the energy required to use it

Roggenrola will only require 50 candy to completely evolve if it is traded before evolving it to its final form; Gigalith

The times of this event are strange especially as the Northern Hemisphere is starting to turn colder and darker sooner as days get shorter.

Running additional raids until 10pm is interesting and remains to be seen how many people will be interested in taking part that late in an evening

The shiny for Roggenrola is one of the nicer shinies in the game

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