Ruthless Precision bundle in Call of Duty Vanguard

Ruthless precision bundle

The Ruthless Precision bundle is available to purchase from the in game store in Call of Duty Vanguard

Its advertised “Show no mercy with the Ruthless Precision bundle”

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Ruthless precision bundle

Breakdown of the Ruthless Precision bundle

Price – The Ruthless Precision bundle costs 1400 Cod points

What’s included?

This is an 8 item bundle and the following items are included in the bundle

  • Long Duster – Wade operator skin
  • Reliable 9 blueprint – submachine gun dog
  • Evil Eye Title
  • Second Act Watch
  • Unlucky Rabbit Charm
  • Spirited Eye Charm
  • Panic Room Calling Card
  • Time Stamp Emblem

Personal Opinions on this bundle

The Wade operator skin is quite smart

Unfortunately this bundle doesn’t have a great deal of things that would encourage people to purchase it

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