Sandshrew Community day March 2022

Sandshrew community day

The next community day is almost upon us and this month will feature Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew, the “mouse Pokemon”

It will take place on March 13th 2022 from 11am till 5pm local time

Sandshrew is a Ground type and Alolan Sandshrew is a dual Ice and Steel typing

Boosts for the event

The Boosts for this community day are

  • 3x Lure module duration
  • 3x Incense during
  • ¼ Hatch distance

Evolving a Steelix or Abomasnow into their mega forms will provide extra candies. Additional candies will be earned when you catch a Pokemon that shares a type with an active mega evolved Pokemon. Additional candies will also be earned from catching 5* raid Pokemon regardless of type

Sandshrew stickers

Overview of everything in the Community day

Brand new community day themed stickers will be available from gifts and the in game shop

An optional Special research story ticket will be available to purchase for $0.99 (or equivalent currency value) that can be completed for additional rewards. The research will be called “Gritty and Glacial”

A community day bundle will be available to purchase for 1280 coins in the in-game shop. It contains

  • 5x Lucky Egg
  • 30x Ultra Balls
  • 1x Elite charged TM
  • 3x Super Incubator

5x Photobomb surprise opportunities which are perfect for working towards the surprise encounters medal challenge

Sandshrew evolved into Sandslash during the event and up to two hours after will require 50 candies and Sandslash will learn the charged move Night Slash

Alolan Sandshrew evolved into Alolan Sandslash during the event and up to two hours after will require 50 candies and Alolan Sandslash will learn the fast move Shadow Claw

Shinies of Both Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew and Sandslash and Alolan Sandslash will be available

PvP stats

The following stats are the most desirable to aim for in PvP battles

Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew

 In the Great league – 15/15/15 lv50


In the Great league – 0/14/15 lv24 (Pre CP 770)

In the Ultra league  – 2/14/15 lv50

Alolan Sandslash

In the Great league – 0/14/14 lv23.5 (Pre CP 770)

In the Ultra league – 0/14/15 lv49

Thoughts on the Community day

The boosts for this community day I personally feel are a little underwhelming. ¼ hatch distance is nice but only if you can get out and active to benefit from it.

With Niantic seemingly trying to destroy Incense for many players, those unable to get out and about for whatever reason (Pandemic, weather etc) will have a hard time getting enough spawns to have proper use of the day

The three types available this event; ground for Sandshrew and Ice/Steel for Alolan Sandshrew offer a nice chance to work on the medals for those respective typings.

The community day box looks a nice one this event for those with the coins to buy it

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