Shinx Community Day

shinx community day

The Community Day for November will feature the Electric Pokemon Shinx. Shinx appeared in Generation four of the Pokemon game franchise.

The Community day will take place on Sunday November 21st 2021 from 11am to 5pm local time.

Here is a complete overview of everything included in the Shinx Community Day

Event Bonues

During the event there will be several bonuses. These are

  • ¼ Hatch distance when eggs are placed in an Incubator DURING the event period
  • Lure Modules will last for three hours
  • Incense will last for three hours
  • Take a few snapshots during the Community Day for a surprise

In addition to these boosts there is also several special bonuses active for this Community Day

  • 3x Transfer Candy
  • 4x chance of earning Candy XL when transferring Pokemon
  • 25% less stardust cost for trades during the event and two hours after
  • get up to three free raid passes from gyms during the event and two hours after

Bag Storage

In November bag storage space can be upgraded. It will be upgradeable again in December too.

In November it can be upgraded to the following:

  • Pokemon storage can be increased to a maximum of 5000
  • Item bag storage can be increased to a maximum of 4000

Other features in this Community Day

As always there is a research story available will can be purchased for $0.99/£0.79 or equivalent currency.

The research story for this Community Day is called “Flash, Spark and Gleam” and can be found in the store when released.

There will be some event bundles available in the store too:

One time Community Day Box – 1280 Coins

  • 50x Ultra Balls
  • 4x Incense
  • 4x Star Piece
  • 1x Elite Charged TM

Free Bundle

  • 30x Ultra Balls

Shinx the Pokemon

Shinx is the featured Pokemon in this Community day. It is an electric type Pokemon and can evolve twice. It evolves into Luxio for 25 Shinx candy (or rare candy) and then again into Luxray for 100 Shinx candy (or rare candy).

The Shiny version is available in this Community Day

In terms of PvP Shinx and its evolvutions Luxio and Luxray don’t really stand out as particularly useful Pokemon to use. Luxray has relatively fragile Bulk and gets outclassed by stronger Electric Pokemon. In PvE it fairs a little better but is still not a standout choice

New Community Day move

During this Community day and for two hours directly after the event, evolving Luxio in Luxray will teach Luxray the new charge attack Psychic Fangs.

This move makes its Pokemon GO debut and is a Psychic type move. It is super effective against Poison and Fighting types

The move will lower the Defence of opposing Pokemon and has the following values

  • Trainer Battles (PvP) – 40 Power and guaranteed to lower the opposing Pokemon’s Defence
  • Gyms and Raids (PvE) – 30 Power
shinx community day

Thoughts on the Shinx Community Day

The Shiny version of Shinx will be readily available and is one of the nicer looking shines available.

Shinx as a Pokemon is not a particularly standout for PvP or PvE. This follows last month’s Community Day which was Duskell which was also not a standout choice

The new Psychic Fang move could be handy to spam use to bait shields and/or lower enemy Defence, although on Luxray im not sure it will be particularly effective. It would be better suited to Pokemon that can benefit from STAB (same type attack bonus) with better bulk

The boosts in this event however are really nice and will lead us nicely into the final December Community day. The 3x Transfer candy is excellent for cleaning out Pokemon Storage which will be especially useful for the Two day Community day the next month

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